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Whoops, slightly late, but here's to the end of October, and the start of November. The best month in my books but it also feels like it's come way too quickly this year. Where has all the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was getting off a plane from Darwin, all ready to begin the semester and now you're telling me my thesis is due in 4 days?!

That said, in the past 4 years I've always maintained that I don't feel any different from when I was 18. True to my 'Sagittarian Traits' I have always been 'disarmingly happy' with 'undying optimism'. My 'livejournal mood' has been 'chipper' in 90% of my posts since I was 14. In these short 12 weeks I am now... (finally, thank god I'm actually growing up) suddenly 23. I worry that my thesis is not going to be good enough (Jessica normally does NOT worry! Worrying is for old people.). My favorite part of every day is cooking dinner and chilling out in my room & feeling '幸福'. I didn't make any concrete graduation trip plans (apart from traveling around Australia) because.. I realized that there was nothing out there that I wanted/ needed to see. Lastly, my livejournal mood today is 'contemplative'. And the worst part is, I have no idea how it happened! Losing track of time is definitely another 'Old Person' trait. Oh golly gosh, I am old!!
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