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"I'd die for food." "Actually, without food, you'd die anyway."

Hi guys, after a whirlwind of events, I can finally say that I am free and have lots of time to do nothing ♥ I got back home from a crazy holiday in Hong Kong last night, and though it was extremely amazing I'm glad to finally be home, and to be able to spend time on my hobbies, which I have been deprived of the past 4 months.

And so today I went out with my dad and I got lots of exciting things!

Glue gun plus golf tees (or whatever they are called) = whole evening burnt

Okay, I'm not sure if you guys know this, or if you did, you probably have forgotten, but I collect key covers. I collect a lot of key covers, and I have one kickass keycovers tag for you guys to check out if you don't believe me. Anyway, it's been a super long while since I talked about keycovers because obviously my collection was stuck in Singapore without me, but I have been plotting exciting things for a long time and here it is today!!!!!! Yes, plan immediately executed on my first free day.

Just to emphasize on the whole 'I have a lot of key covers' thing.


Yes! I hot glue-gunned golf tees onto a cardboard thing with holes to create my key cover wall version two! Version one was all crumbling and being gross! I am so sorry but today I think I am a genius so I am a little more pompous than usual (y)

My elder sister really hates how I forcibly created a row of pandas at the end but they're so cute!! How can you hate them.

o, look how beautiful we are!!

Okay, I'm sure you guys noticed that it's weird for my wall to look like a wooden parquet floor, and that's because... it is. ): I haven't exactly figured out how to put it up. I tried using blutack initially but the entire thing collapsed like twice, so it's totally unfeasible, so for now it looks like this:

stacked up and tucked away sadly T__T

I will go consult my dad, owner of all handy things like glue guns, to see what I should do! Also, daiso only had two holey boards so I could only make a board this big, so I'll go raid another store to get somemore. Also, also, there is no home for my purple/black key covers!

Yes you guys can laugh at my joke of ten thousand mushroom covers.

And I still have about a million undisplayed key covers @__@ I need to buy more keys~

I also made this today:

Bought this super cute sew-it-yourself kit from daiso!! ♥

The best part is that its underpants can be removed, so I am going to make it a whole collection of underpants! :D And where this little duck is going to be staying in is something super exciting as well, I've been planning it for awhile now and it'll be done the next time I'm free *looks suspicious* (:

Tomorrow shall be another great day ♥♥ I love talking to my bestie hehehe.
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