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I realized after talking to Gwen, that alot of my new LJ friends do not know about my love for pandas. D: So I made a part 2 of my panda collection, mostly for Gwen because she doesn't stalk me enough to know. D:<

Panda clothing is not included because it was too dark to rummage through my wardrobe. I really wanted to show you all my new panda shirt(s) and panda socks from Lynnette that I forgot to include last time! ):

Panda hairclip, from my twin.

Panda EZ-link card (sticker ha ha), which is like an octopus card/travel pass sort of thing. We use it on trains and buses.

Panda DVD from my mum, which I have not gotten down to watching because I keep stuffing it somewhere and forgetting all about it..

Unused panda notebooks. :D The ones I've used got lost during a happy victory dance after my A Levels.

Panda chocolates/money bank, from my twin.

Panda loo roll holder, LOL.

Panda.. nonsense. The one on the left is from TKCLAN, the one on the right is a clothes tag I saved.

Insane panda I bought for $3. It sits around yelling, "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY!!"

Cute little panda things! :D They are all smaller than my palm and are so cute! The two on the right are from my twin.

Panda keycovers! ♥ The best creation on earth. From my twin, from TKCLAN, and from Grays.

A panda chop which looks like it's swimming, from my twin.

Panda.. I don't even know what this is. It's from Lynnette. It's a door stopper I think? But I just chuffed it on my lamp and it looks happy there, so.

Ridiculous yellow panda from my twin.

Panda Display 2.0

Panda pen! From my twin.

Panda things I'm in the process of trying to.. obtain. They belong to my twin sister >: The scissors are just calling out for me!!

Yes! My twin is the one feeding me with all these panda nonsense HAHAHA yay for having a twin sister i love you slightly more than I love pandas, i guesssss.

There, now you all know one more random fact about me. :D And whether or not you're my new friend, please tell me one of your hobbies! I want to know what sort of funny things you all like to get up to.
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