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"Move away! I want to sit with Jessica!"

Trying to trick the camera's smile detector thingy by covering our mouths. ♥

Funny how it's been more than 7 months since we were all in the same class together, but everything still remains the same. Yesterday I went out with my girlfriends to eat/catch up on our lives.

Every single time after I meet up with all of them, I go back to my new school, and look at everything that's in my life right now. And I can honestly say that all of it. sucks. I am just being stupid, I know, but nothing can ever match up to what I had in the past. Maybe I am just not allowing it to happen, not showing others who I really am. But whatever the case is, no matter how much I laugh and smile in school, I am slowly dying inside. ):

Tomorrow will be a better day, right?

You know what, I'm going to watch gokusen3 right now, and I'm going to feel so much better. (is it just me or does everyone else think that Miura Haruma's deep voice is extremely hot? ♥)
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