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♛ part-time maenad
URGH I MISS BSG SO MUCH. DDDD: Which explains the existence of this picspam heh. Done for picspammy's Challenge 17: Five.

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: rhydian (fear idina menzel) - what if
♛ part-time maenad
Meeting vvvaudevillian (and possibly plumerri) @ Victoria Theatre tomorrow for Neil Gaiman's talk on Graphic Novels and Fantasy. SO EXCITED ZOMFG. Will probably bring Eternals #1 and my Sandman poster for him to sign, seeing as how I somehow don't own any book of his (what travesty is this, self? brb resisting urge to run out and purchase American Gods. nao.)

Random (TV-related) meme time!

Shamelessly stolen from twentyplanes:
Make a post with posters of your favourite TV shows, thus keeping a record of everything you've watched! Pick your top favourites, pick a few, or pick them all!

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: bt4 - all along the watchtower