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hell, no. I did not leave hartland for this!

Apparently all that I'm posting these days are picspams. Will work on a substantial post someday.

Made for legendland: Give Me 10 Challenge. Team Cara (Rocks)!

May Will kill your dialup
Spoilers up to current episode.

Dedicated to ozsras, my partner-in-absolute-crack. I was planning to skip this challenge (sorry, team) then Oz got into the Seeker fandom (partly because the hotness of Bridget and Tab compelled her to, partly because I gif-spammed her into submission) and we ended up crack!commenting on each other's LJ (in our defense, it started out really intellectual and we were discussing the ~themes~ and character development and arcs and y'know, deep stuff like that). Somehow it turned into high school AU crack!comment!fic. Which crossovered with Glee and Mean Girls and Bring It On and Buffy. Yeah, it's our not-so-superpower. Also dedicated to baibelicious, my morale booster when I was worrying about not being cracky enough, and for hurrying me to post NOW NOW NOW before her macbook battery dies because she wants to comment first. LOL I DO NOT ~PERFORM~ WELL UNDER PRESSURE.

Oh, yeah, flagrant abuse of movie quotes. Whoops.

1. The star jock
who's really really ridiculously good-looking

He has chiseled abs (and stunning features)

and his hair totally looks better done up with gel

He has a ~signature move~

and leads a bunch of varsity jocks into battle.

(5 mins before this scene, they crossed swords and yelled "CLEAR EYES FULL HEARTS CAN'T LOSE". Fact.)

Oh, and he tries to be his best. DON'T TELL HIM WHAT HE CAN'T DO, ZEDD!

2. The head cheerleader
Kahlan Amnell. How do I begin to explain Kahlan Amnell?

Kahlan Amnell is flawless

She has 2 silver daggers and a white horse

I heard her hair's insured for $10,000

I heard she does horse commercials... in Hartland

3. Almost every girl ever is overwhelmed by Richard's ~charms~
(...well, kinda)

(re: Jennsen and Rachel. No not like that. Geez get your minds out of the gutter!)

And his huge -ahem- sword.

*The following is to be sung to the tune of #1 Crush, tyvm.

They would die for him
They would kill for him

One would split for him

Another would sell her soul to feel him by her side (in her agiel)

Cause they believe in him

but he's all ~monogamous~...

4. ...because it's a rule that the head jock dates the head cheerleader

a. She totally freaks out when her man is in danger, eg:

(ergo, you wouldn't like her when she's angry)

b. There's speculation on whether they have, you know, done it.

c. They've exchanged pseudo-engagement rings

(you have NO IDEA how tempted I was to use that cheesy split screen cap. NO IDEA.)

5. The rivals
They're ~sworn enemies~ of the Confessors (and totally heading for a showdown during this year's cheer!Nationals.) They also wear leather.

And you think the boys would totally tap that but their myspace schedules keep them busy they'd totally smack them with their spirit sticks.

(People say they know the taste of human flesh)

Of course, one of them deflects to the light side (dark side!cookies were not enough)

Because honestly? They like to talk big, Mord Sith do. "I'm going to kill you/destroy the world." But that's just tough girl talk, strutting around with fellow Sisters of the Agiel dragging their pets behind them. The truth is, Cara likes this world: they've got chipmunk racing, Midlands United, and they've got people: billions of people walking around like punching, poking bags with legs. But then someone comes along with a vision, with a real passion for destruction. The Keeper could pull it off. Goodbye D'Hara, farewell Wizard's bloody Keep.

Still, Give her a bottle of bourbon and half a chicken and she'll conquer the world!

6. Obligatory psychotic jackass
who acts all tough

(but everyone knows he totally peed in his bed until he's 10 and is afraid of thunderstorms)

He also thinks kittens are EVIL.

7. The evil principal who hates all (student) life
And everyone calls his office the Underworld because it's all dark and scary and green

All who enter his domain~ are changed

And he wants to keep everyone back (away from the world of the living) until 4(ever).

8. The weird-as-hell science teacher

Who moonlights as a professional cockblocker of the First Order.

9. Every clique has their own dress codes.

Oh yeah, the Sisters of the Dark? Totally goths who play with ouija boards and enchant spiders and stuff.

10. Obligatory "OMG By the spirits! She may be pregnant WITH CHILD!" plot

However, unlike most high school scenarios -coughlookingatyouGleecough-, this gets resolved pretty soon (read: the very next scene. Must be Powerful MagicTM.)

Bonus reason: Obligatory girl!bonding!
Hang on. First, you gotta have loathing! Unadulterated! Loathing

Okay, now you can have bff-ery.

While Zedd and Richard are sleeping, they braid each other's hair and paint each other's nails and play dress up.

Oh and girl!fighting!

- Almost all gifs from sky_rations
- Do not hotlink, make icons or repost the images anywhere else.
And because apparently it's a trend w/ picspams these days: REPOST ONTO TUMBLR AND SUFFER MY ~WRATH~
- Comments are of course, much loved. :D


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