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It was love at first fright [entries|friends|calendar]

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I love Mary Whitehouse, but she don't love me [(* ♠ 09.22. 2005 ¤ 5:20PM♠*)]
Wow, i seriously havent updated this thing, in litterally forever.
welll... lets see what i missed.
so yes, i have blue hair. but it's currently fading to greenish yellow bullshit, gross.
School is okay, it could be better though. well, people saying shit is stupid, we already know that. but still, c'mon when people think they're funny and there jokes suck; leads to having bad insults too. C'mon dudes, seriously.. don't say shit that DOESNT make sence, you shouldn't even be saying it begin with,alright? Well, nothing new and original has been up with me, but it will be soon, i guess you could say.I think i have major sleeping issues, i cant sleep at night, and i usually sleep during the day, because of school now. Not possible; and it really sucks; you have no idea. I think i'm gonna go see the corpse bride tomorrow, i dont know who with though, but with someone. pretty cool. oh and i think im getting hair cut really soon, so that's good =). i need to put pictures in here, i havent done that since May probably. oh well, i might just happen to make a new journal too.

oh and yeah i like internet quizzes and i think they're cool. be quiet.


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"The sight of blood is such a high!" [(* ♠ 09.07. 2005 ¤ 6:00PM♠*)]
yeah... i have school now, it's alright... not the best. i hate some of my teachers though. not surprising.Dara's leaving tomorrow, makes me really sad.Oh and yeahs, i have blue hair now.

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"Self inflicted safety pinned wounds" [(* ♠ 08.28. 2005 ¤ 12:38AM♠*)]
Wow…. Hasent been like a week or something, okay. Well… I’ve doen some cool stuff. Monday I saw Redeye with Ross and David, and it was bassicly a really really shitty movie. Don’t see it, but haha I still had fun. Ross made a mess, like always. And David ran around the movie theatre like he was a five year old asian. I did some other stuff to, like go to Long Island New York with my mom, but that kinda sucked. I did a couple of other things,around and stuff. Friday I went to NYC all day, and it was fun. I got some new stuff, some pants, and patches and just hung around st.marks place and china town all day. I went to st.marks pub like always, and spent $8 playing songs on the jukebox…. I swear one day I’m gonna steal it. I did some other exciting things, but not worth the joy of stalkers. And I took arsty photos. Yup yup.

Does anyone actually read this thing?

I think I need a new one.

Oh and I’m dying my hair blue, not all of it, but a lot of it.

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"I'm searchin' for something, even if i'm killed" [(* ♠ 08.16. 2005 ¤ 3:29PM♠*)]

lets see now, I never got my pictures back from mexico which sucks, but I’m hoping I’ll get some shit.
Uhh, I really haven’t been up to all that much except for just hang around. Thiese past couple of days have been though.

Friday I had a busy day. I woke up, went to the dentist, then went to the mall. And then, I went to my cousins house for some party shit she had. Which was fun, cause I was with my home girl David. And I was with Ross too, which was cool. The party sorta sucked at first, but it got better when it started to rain, because people started pushing people in the rain and out from under the tent, and starting hitting the top of the tent so all the water would fall on top of you. Then my cosuins friend Ritchie started throwing open coke cans at people and shit, immature but it was fun. Since I was getting cold and shit I went inside with David, and we watched invader Zim, which made me happy because that show got off the air about four years ago, and was on this channel my cousins have =). then I slept over my cousins house, and so did her friend Crystal and Jackie, and so did Ritchie hahaha. We basically stayed up all night and did nothing really except be stupid.

Saturday was alright. I went to the mall with Liz and Crystal (Jackie was supposed to come, but she fell asleep ). So we went to the mall and nothing really happened, except for shopping around. And I bought blue hair dye, and underwear.
Since, it was my uncles birthday, when we got back from the mall. We ate at this restaurant 99, which is pretty awesome cause it’s sort of 1950’s and they give you popcorn. =). I slept at my cousins again, and that was it.

Sunday, I went to the movies with my cousin Liz. We saw the Skeleton Key, which wasent as bad as I thought it would be. We walked around Stratford in the rain, and we went to sally beauty, and I got some stuff. I went back toy my house, and Liz slept over, and it was okay. We went to the new Cold Stone (the ice cream place) down near my house, and it sucked because the line was out the door, and the ice cream was so fuckin expensive, but who cares, we were hungry.

Monday, Liz left. And I hung out with Max and we went to Downtown Fairfield for a couple of hours, we basically just went to baskin robins, and borders, and we went back to the community theatre downtown, and just hung out with the people there.

Well, I don’t know what I’m gonna do tonight, probably something.

T and Dan are road trippin, I wish I was with them too. :-(. I miss them a lot,I kind wish I was still on the cruise to Mexico.

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oh and yeah, I like quizzes.


"they'll never get me on video" [(* ♠ 08.06. 2005 ¤ 6:00PM♠*)]
Woahhh…. Long time no update.

I[‘ve been grounded, theres been power outages and other shit to worry about.

Uhm, okay s I went to mexico (to be exact a cruise to Mexico.) and Belize. And obviously I met new people and stuff. I met some cool people. And it sort of sucks because of the fact that they live in Florida and Georgia and Calirfornia and I may never see them again. Eh, it could happen though. I met a lot of great people. But the coolest were probably Emily (my wife),and her cousin Kim (who is infact, my other wife hahaha).Then theres Batman and T, who own. Well, Dan “Batman” is bassicly the coolest person that I met , and I love him. He cared about me a lot. And we had a lot of fun and some damn good times. T, is an asshole, but the second coolest person. And me him and Dan would hang out bassicly everyday. Emily and Kim, ii’d hang out with too, and they were awesome and CARRAAZZZY motherfuckers. …

I did some interesting things, that’ll be mentioned later.

Mexico, was awesome. There is NO DRINKING AGE at all in that country, it’s excellent.The Beaches are beautiful, and I went to see the Mayan ruins, which are amazing.i went to costa maya, and cozumel.the beaches were excellent, and had interesting fish.

I went to Belieze ,which made me excited. My grandmother was born in that country, and I’m belizian. I have relitaves there, but couldn’t contact them because of not knowing there location. I climed the mayans ruins, and it was amazing.

More to come later on tonight or tomorrow, and pictures.

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People weren't made for packaging. [(* ♠ 07.23. 2005 ¤ 11:53PM♠*)]
Gone....... on vacation...
to Mexico and belize....
be back in eigth days....

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I'm seeing planes in bloodshot skies. [(* ♠ 07.16. 2005 ¤ 8:53PM♠*)]
okay .....
haven't updated in week. sorry.
My weeks has been interesting.
some things fun. Some things could have been wayy better.
A couple of days ago Rhonda came over and we went swimming at 3:00 in the morning.
that's always good.
She found my original Texas Chainsaw Massecre from like her birthday party and shit, which was bizzare but we watched it. We went to the mall, I adopted a big black metal kid, his names Jamiquari or something, and then i have son named Kevin. I'm a good mommy.

Yesterday i saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it was good.
I saw my son at the movie thatres.cool.
i feel like i acutally wrote something.

haha i have no idea what this is

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come smoke my bones. [(* ♠ 07.06. 2005 ¤ 10:20PM♠*)]
well....my week has been okay...i've been having fun and stuff, but sometimes it's a little eh...boring and stuff.

i need to update this thing more.


What did YOU do?


I've been inactive [(* ♠ 06.28. 2005 ¤ 5:32PM♠*)]
mehhh..... my summer has been alright, but it's cracking.

My parents, don't trsut me at all anymore. I was supposed to be going to Vermont with my Stef tomorrow, and i don't know if i still am or not, meh.

I miss Dara, a lot. i WILL never see her AGAIN. and it's depressing, i love her. And she's beautiful. i will never see her.

I am not happy.

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Geena is caused by sponges.

Geena disease causes immediate spontaneous combustion.
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haha that's so stupid


Please join this! [(* ♠ 06.28. 2005 ¤ 3:28PM♠*)]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
If you can rap or freestyle come join grimeewhitegrlz and respresent yo'self!

it's my shit with queen_carnage, so everyone join it!


I BELONG TO THE BLANK GENERATION. [(* ♠ 06.20. 2005 ¤ 3:36PM♠*)]
Well...my week has been filled with crappy school dances...suprised parties for my dad.......Carnivals.......and a whole lot of nonsence....
And ofcourse, idiots.

Oh and Yeah ,this ladies hot:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


these are pointless [(* ♠ 06.15. 2005 ¤ 9:19PM♠*)]
Texacala Pic
Texacala Jones! of Tex and the Horseheads!

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[(* ♠ 06.12. 2005 ¤ 4:04PM♠*)]

Have'nt updated in a couple of days...sorry.

well,today i wen't to the mall.. and bought a really awsome pair of sunglasses that i love!!....i got some other things, i'll tell you later ;)


well..last night me and Jodi  queen_carnage decided mae vampire freaks account, mostly for shits and giggles, but i like it. SO if you wanna add me or just see it go here:





PEOPLE ARE CRAZY! [(* ♠ 06.08. 2005 ¤ 9:48PM♠*)]




who ever desighned this dress needs to be shot.


[(* ♠ 06.05. 2005 ¤ 9:49PM♠*)]

haha i love that thing.


I'm still here......


I'll update tomorrow...












You're all going to hell. [(* ♠ 06.01. 2005 ¤ 4:22PM♠*)]

A girl died in 1933 by a homicide murderer. He buried her in the ground when she was still alive. The murdered chanted, "Toma sota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewared


....hmmm... on a happier note;

since i havent posted pictures in a while.

i decided to post some :-).




[(* ♠ 05.30. 2005 ¤ 12:08PM♠*)]
sorry, i haven't updated in so damn long.

thanks everyone for the haircut advice! it's pretty obvious that #2 wins haha.

Happy Memorial Day everyone. even though it sucks.

I love this song :-).


Help, i need people's opinions! [(* ♠ 05.23. 2005 ¤ 9:27PM♠*)]

Okay, i think i need a haircut (thank god my sister is hairdresser!, i don't like cutting my hair myself unless it's bangs!)

I want to know which haircut you like better.


Either this:




Or....Collapse )


help me someone... [(* ♠ 05.21. 2005 ¤ 10:12PM♠*)]

hahaha i feel really dumb for posting this, but i forgot how to...


how to take off a belt buckle to put on another one?

 i got a new belt and a new pistol belt buckle and i forgot how to put it on my belt.haha i know this is dumb. but, someone help me?


tonight i was looking at alot of pictures of Siouxsie Sioux.And i really love her makeup and hair. I thought of posting some insperation photos.


Peepshow Creepshow, where did you get those eyes?Collapse )

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