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0479 [shadowfeet]

Not much to say. The anger thing seems to be dissipating, I hope. Now that I'm more intent on stopping it, I think I see it coming sooner, or at least see that it's worth the consequences of holding my tongue and not giving in.

I wrote a story today. Named it after Brooke Fraser's song, "Hosea's Wife." Ironically (or not...), I finished the last few pages while listening to another song of hers, called "Shadowfeet." I'm really... impressed. She's got a wonderful voice, and her lyrics are pure poetry that I can relate to. It's good to keep me focused on God (oh, how often I need reminding), but the music is also wonderful and catchy, and I can't seem to get these choruses out of my head.

The video is a bit blah. I adore her style, though, and really want to make a concerted effort to start wearing scarves all the time, and do the light layering thing. It's amazing, really, how much money I want to spend on clothes now. I never used to. I think I'll try to hit up the Salvation Army as a present to myself, a bit of time off... maybe on Monday (that's the next time I have off! although, I'll admit, I love my hectic, full schedule). I want to buy some necklaces, and a sweater or two. Vests, too, jackets. I don't really know where this desire is coming from. I should set a cap, though. I've made $150 this past week at work, and I can't afford to go and blow it in one day's shopping.

I have Ukraine to look forward to in a few months. And I've got a meeting in New Castle, Pennsylvania next Saturday for the trip. I'm so excited. I love these things... I can get together with fellow Ukraine lovers and talk about how BLOODY AWESOME Ukraine is. I also added Sasha, my interpreter, hero and for all intents and purposes, my brother, to Skype last night. We'll see. I miss him and his wife something terrible, so I'd love to talk to them. I'd even be willing to overlook the COMPLETE AWKWARDNESS of talking to them on Skype. Yeeps.

I'm so very happy. I can't imagine a better life, an existence more full of possibilities, more ripe with decisions and more nestled in God's will. I'm afraid of leaving home again, but I feel more sturdy, like a girl who went out on a day cruise and now has stronger sea legs to withstand a year on a freighter.

Mostly, though, I'm excited to see what God has to teach me, and how He'll lead me, and the things He'll do in my life that will allow me to give Him all of the glory.

I'm so in love. Now, to tell people about it...
{girl} you should see the view from here

0235 [three things for you]

I missed Valentine's (and also think it's a crock of shite), but wanted to give you guys a little something to brighten your days.

Here are three things that should, if nothing else, make you smile. And they're all free.

valentines day around the world

amazing music with a hint of blues and classic rock influences;
great to dance to, as well

"women's suffrage is really bad";
why some girls don't deserve love on valentine's day