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{girl} you should see the view from here

0482 [third snow]

This woman from my church is missing.

There's a man in custody, a man named Ken, who was stalking her and whom she had a restraining order against. He was last seen walking out of a field, toward his car, around 5pm last night. The police arrested him at his home... surrounded it with full police detail. He hasn't said anything to them.

Please pray for this woman. She has a daughter that's 16 and a son that's 10. She's always seemed somewhat sad at church... just, worn out, tired. She's extremely kind. I'm fearing the worst, and want to go out and help look for her as soon as our church gets the go-ahead to "form a task force" for searching.

I also have my NaNoWriMo idea. I think it's going to be about the abduction of a pastor.
{girl} you should see the view from here


*this is not an actual picture of Landon, it's from getty images.

Welcome to the world, Baby Landon.
You couldn't have picked a better family to be born into, and I'm sure that God will use you in amazing ways.

You're an example of the goodness that still inhabits this planet from time to time.

Love, Natalie