qui_ (qui_) wrote,


I fancy myself a bit of a photographer so after a lot of begging I convinced the wonderful rongunatt  to model for me.

JSK: Angelic Pretty.
Blouse: Off Brand.
Cardigan: Off Brand.
Bunny Bear Bag 'Ben': Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Bow: Baby the Stars Shine Birght.
Socks: Angelic Pretty.
Shoes: Montreal

And myself.
JSK: Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Blouse: Metamorphose.
Bonnet: Baby the Starts Shine Bright.
Bloomers: Metamorphose.
Socks: Off Brand.
Shoes: Off Brand.

If any of the lolitas in Perth would not mind stepping in front of the camera for me some afternoon just drop me a line.


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