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10/6/08 06:46 pm - Fiona

Since you are being pathetic and running away from talking through certain issues with me I might aswell post it here since I can't contact you via myspace/msn/e-mail anymore.

Honestly what is the deal with you? Is an arguement really a reason for you you feel the need to delete your myspace/msn/bebo and then not re-add me on the new ones. Funnily enough Kevins bebo disappeared also after I put him in my top friends.

I stated that I felt you were copying me because:

You went and bought the same boots as me to wear in the same way I wear mine.
I said I was dying my hair green and then you go and dye you're fringe green.
I told you I was cutting my hair into a variation of a chelsea-mohawk then you send me an image of a girl with a simmilar hair cut stating that you want it.
You sent me a picture of a girl with an A-line hair cut before(exactly the same as my hair) and stated you were considering one of them.

Among various other small things it seems to be getting a bit more than just coincedence.

For some reason you now think I hate you which I do not.
Me and Ashleigh are not joined at the hip.
I have not bitched about Kirsty anywhere near as much as you. I don't even know why you fucking do it considering Kirsty has never done anything to you. I'm not taking sides but you should take a look at yourself before even considering commenting on anyone elses weight. You seem to bitch about everyone/anything without reason...You do it for the sake of it.

You're so childish and living in a little bubble with you and Kevin.

You admitted you couldn't be yourself and felt the need to copy other people to fit in then you go and change your email to "simplybeyourself".....

Doesn't take a fool to lol at that one.

Seriously where the fuck did the old Fiona go? The one that was actually a nice person?
You've become such a little recluse since Kevin moved in with you. We don't invite you out because either you moan and complain or you bring Kevin along all the time.

We gave up.

We don't blame Kevin for anything so don't even try and use that as an excuse either.

But honestly...

is there any need for you to act the way you are? It makes you look alot more stupid and foolish than you think.

4/26/08 03:28 pm - la de da =D

As you all know from my moaning..

I share a room with a 12year old brat who's far too messy for my liking. I'm quite clean and tidy and like knowing where things are and it's hard to organise and shite whilst sharing a room and especially when one side is a total TIP.

So today I gutted some of my rubbish to help with the moving and tidied up my side properly and left Jacquelines side the way I found it which is actually relatively clean by her standards.

I don't like how all my photography and posters had to come down for the viewers when we sold our house but her horsey fucking posters got to stay...

So heres the pictures from an entry in a lj community

Through ze keyholeCollapse )

4/25/08 12:44 am - URGH

This sounds pathetic right but you can see why I'm annoyed.

Month's ago Gary wanted a fishtank so I gave him mine because it was taking up too much room and we were moving...

The fishtank cost £200 and thats no joke,its a fancy one.

So I gave him that and some fish.

Now because he hits the tank with a cup because he isnt careful the tank is going in his living room where his brother will smash it and Gary will forget to feed the fish/clean the water.

My parents didnt pay £200 for a living room ornament for Garys family and especially for one that will get broken.

So I said I would take it back when I move and he said

Gary D says (00:42):
take your fish away then!!
Mine can go in the bowl

How childish is that?haha

4/19/08 02:24 am - not a diet.

Lifestyle Change.

I just want to feel healthy realy.

All this crap is making me feel shite.

My 1500cals went ok but it was too impractical and i always felt hungry.

So from now on..

Brown Bread
Fruit Juice

Plus normal things obviously..just now as much =]

14-16 here we come.
I'm too happy to be skinny haha

4/18/08 10:22 pm - RAGING!

Somone in my collge class got into HNC Photography at James Watt in Kilwining...

He doesnt know shit about Photography,he went to the interview without a portfolio,doesnt know what shutter speed is,doesnt know what a telephoto lens is and well..DOESNT HAVE A CLUE!

How the fuck did he get into HNC and I never even got an interview!?!?!

I don't mean to sound big headed but this surely is a joke?

4/17/08 04:11 am - 2008

So far 2008 seems like it's going to be a good year for me and I'm pretty glad.

The Good:

Finnish NC Media and Drama @James Watt College
Start NQ Photography @ Reid Kerr
Moving House in May
Driving Lessons and A Car
The fact I've actually started seeing mates again
My Gary

What's really got me excited is moving and I've changed my mind about moving into a new house. It's a totally new property so we can put our stamp on it,its a good size and theres enough space for us all.

I'm also really looking forward to learning to drive and the fact I don't need to worry about a car because my parents will put me on thier insurance. My Granda wants me to go on his though because he always has a few cars on the go haha.

He bought me a wee white Nissan Mirca...it was cheap as fuck,its shite..

But he said that it makes sense because there's not point in me having a good car to start off with because if I have an accident or anything I dont need to panic about the cost of repairs,he can just get another car and the insurance also wont be as much.

So I'm happy....

It's been almost 9months for me and Gary which is really strange. Never did I think the person I would turn round and say I love you to would be Gary Dresh haha.

He's so diffrent from what I knew of him before and to see him curl up into a wee ball and cry because I've been horrible is all =[

But he's my Gary and he calls me stupid names like Juliebean,Juliebear,My wee weirdo,sillygirl and other stupid site.

I don't like how I've never properly met his mates though,I'll talk to Stiv over Xbox Live if we are in the same Gears of War game but thats about it.

They just know me as "the wumman."


I've been thinking about my future loads recently and what I want to do in life.

I don't think I want to go to Uni but then again I'm not sure..I currently don't see anything in Uni thats for me but that might change. I fancy doing the whole three years of photography though and getting my HND and then maybe a year or two of Music Business.

Hopefully I'll be able to rely on Photography for some income here and there but I know it won't support me fully and neither will music promotion which is another thing I really want to do.

With a job on the side I think I could make a decent amount of money to keep me happy.

I don't want to be an Accountant or a Doctor or anything with a great wage.

I want to be happy and even if that means a shit job..

Then so be it =D

4/15/08 12:10 am - New House

Here It Is:

New Moving Date is 23rd May

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

1/14/07 09:27 pm - Metal

Meet Mark
He thinks he is sooooo metal

At Unholy Alliance...we got to the front for slayer

Mark:*starts crying*julie im claustrophobic.

Mark:Ouch i just got stood on.----well duh its a gig

Mark: omg kerry king*starts shouting* Keeerrrry Kerrrry Look*waved*Tom..Kerrry...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

8/3/06 01:21 pm - ehh helllllllllllllooooooooooooooo

Wellll....Its almost time to head out mallratting*sigh*

And Ive decided i liek the rain alot more than i used to! Its Amazing....but looking ootside i see sun,lots of fucking sun!

The thing is...i tan and right now, after being outside the past 5 weeks, i look dirty! lol! Ma mam thinks i look spannish =S I Think its horrible. And It dont fade quickly!

Anyways.....The joys of mallratting await..heavy pish....aye.

Heres A Wee Thing Me N Loli Made....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

11/22/05 09:00 pm - ...confusion

im confused..i liek somebody and they know that i do.but i dont know how they feel about me?am i wasting my time?
what should i do? most of probs already know who im talking about anyways haha....ah well
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