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Happy birthday!

Unfortunately, unlike you, I'm not so good with words.
So I've stolen 19 memories which remind me of you. (20 and 21 will come later)


Stranger on the bus: Hi! Are you Shanaya?
Shanaya: Um, yes?

10 minutes later

Shanaya: I think thats my bus. I'm not sure of the number =(
Lindy (now less of a random stranger): Ask?
Shanaya: Nooooo...
Lindy (to bus driver): Hi, do you go to Woodgrove Ave?

I also don't have as many blogs as you which means a lot of them will be comments on your blog. Which might be good since you'll get an email alert and I don't have clues to find the next one.

its currently 8.30pm where you are. 6.30am in Australia and 1am in India. I did think about waiting till 4.30, but my mom chucked a fit. and now my aunt is kicking me out of her room. (She also has the hiccups, so her stern voice is a little amusing)


Happy birthday to you,

You're a hundred and two
You smell like a monkey
And you look like one too

After my exams, I am going to do a mass post. Really...

But for now this post is for xxspottyxx (wow its been a while since I've used lj codes, hopefully that works).


Finally catching up to the rest of us =) But already more mature than most.

Love you for these last 9 years. Thats right, count them, theres been 9. And hopefully to 99 more =). You are an amazing friend and someone I can ALWAYS talk to and thank you so much for that.

Hope this year is excellent!




HAPPY BIRTHDAY entrophe!!!!!

hopefully i can post this using someones iphone in byron and you'll read this on your bday (yay!) but if not, sorry! and hope you had a really good day.

and good luck for your exam!!!/hope the exam went well...

(turns out i didnt need to use the iphone, coz ppl brought laptops!)

yet, i STILL fail!

Trying this from the livejournal app on my dads iPod. I thought I could actually view friends pages but I don't think so. So many time for a post. Quick catch up, finished Egypt and india, in Perth now and going to byron bay on the 31 st.

Saw Ronan keating on wed, EXCELLENT. Rob Thomas and backstreet boys to come

Really been neglecting lj since I left for Egypt, finding twitter a lot of fun =)

Need to tv catchup. Dollhouse has been amazing! Not sure what they are going to do for the last ep...

Ok, I should go back out

Posted via LiveJournal.app.


Lindy did this meme. It was amusing. And I really dont want to type up my discussion for TEP248. Hence, post.

In other news, uni is still happening. Developmental psych, Perception, Special Education and Childrens Literature. Saw All American Rejects last week, they were really really good live. Hoobastank and The Sundance Kids opened for them. Liked Sundance Kids more than Hoobastank. Going to see The Script on the 26th and Rob Thomas next year (YAAAYYYY). And in 22 days I will no longer be a teenager =(((.

Anyway, gotta start the washing machine before I sleep and wake up early to finish this stupid discussion thing.

its been a whileCollapse )


HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxspottyxx and inthe_black

last year of being a teenager!!! loves you guys =)

Invisible Children Inc. To stop Joseph Kony's abduction of child soldiers.

I really wish I had gone to the Sydney rescue, and I really hope theres future events that I can support


its devestating. The physical and emotional torture is just heartbreaking.

On April 25th, people in 100 cities abducted themselves and waited to be rescued. Chicago is still waiting. Their determination is really impressive.
Since changing my layout, I was trying to remember all the layouts I've used.
and also I dont want to listen to psych lectures...

I think ive got them all..

Yellowcard by rcklvrtilidie

Slinky by rainbow_booger at _premadelayouts (04/11/05)

Evanescence by _fairverona at freelayouts

One Tree Hill by darkicedphoenix (19/01/06)

Supernatural by khallandra at khalls_stuff (18/02/06)

Shane West by darkicedphoenix (09/07/06)

Opitical Illusions (non moving) by i_think_iyq at freelayouts (09/10/06)

Willow/Oz by amavel_bel at btvsats_layouts (14/01/07)

One Tree Hill (Pictures Of You) by darkicedphoenix

Heroes with Milo header by mercscilla at street_of_mercy (13/11/07)

Text with Beauty in the Breakdown header by gawariel at gawariel_design (01/04/09

wow! i had the last layout for over a year! i did like it tho. it was very clean and easy to read. plus milo ♥

its a bit bigger than my last one. but considering i dont watch heroes anymore i figure i should change it...

does anyone know how to move the ads tho? on my last layout it was at the end of my sidebar..i want that back

i need to think of different titles for the links on the side and top, but i dont know if i particularly want to..so we'll see. also i dont know what links to put there..

and i need to do something to my mood themes so it comes up without me copying and pasting it to the top of the entry

wow. look at that. two useless posts in one day =)

my current playlist:

another heart calls - all american rejects
mona lisa - all american rejects
sunshine - all american rejects
breakeven - the script
the man who can't be moved - the script

so now some lyrics =)

but under a cut to save your flistCollapse )

whole songsCollapse )

Tonight, a comedian died in New York.

[mood| giggly]

[music| dollhouse]


echoes is hilraious!!

adelle and topher have been infected with some crazy drug

t: "what are you doing! besides being..."
a: "being what?
t: "wait a minute"
a: "sarcastic? unfeeling? british?"
t: "no its an animal"
a: *turns around* where?"
t: "no the word"

a bit later

t: "you have to admit. im VERY british. i dont say hard aaarrrsss"

t: "oh my god. i find lentils completely incomprehsible *stares at hands*
t: "our problems are huge and indomitable"
a: "ohh! i could eat that word! or a crisp..do you have any crisps?"
t: *excited* "you havnt seen my drawer of inappropriate starches?!"

in other news, the new mac cupcakes tastes weird. the icing is crap ><

and lisas laptop is cool =))

watchmen soundtrack was good. movie was too long

omg. the cupcakes are terrible
lisa says the water was good tho..

Mar. 14th, 2009


hope you have a good day!
[mood| lazy]

[music| Rise Against - Swing Life Away | Powered by Last.fm]

got season 2 of private practice from jessie yesterday. and since then have watched 11 episodes. its really really good. better than greys because the characters are much less whiny. and the storylines are still interesting. and i like that sometimes old patients come back, so theyre not completely forgotten. and so far i like all the characters. especially violet and cooper. and oh!!! i really like dell's storylines. and starting not to hate him because he tried to break up veronica and logan ;) there are still some characters i lvoe on greys (mark and callie). so will keep watching that.

saw hes just not that into you yesterday. good good =) funny scenes. unlike everyone around i didnt want to punch ginnifer goodwins characters face. justin long was brilliant btw.

just payed off my 1980.90 uni fees. next semester is worse because i have to do an english course. and thats 917 by itself.

nothing else really to add. last week of holidays =((

but yay for soundwave on sunday. although i liked the old timetable WAAAAYYY better. the new one has clashes (hellogoodbye/anberlin, red jumpsuit aparatus/minus the bear) =((( and the last band i really want to see is at 8. which is lame.

still need to redo my userpics ><

and now im going to go and file ALL my papers from last semester. unless i get distracted and start reading a book. which usually ends up happening when i attempt this.
fitting in with my last post, its not just me that needs more buffy!


OZ: "I'm gonna ask you to go out with me tomorrow night, and I'm kinda nervous about it actually. It's interesting."
WILLOW: "Oh. Well, if it helps at all, I'm gonna say 'yes'."
OZ: "Yeah, it helps. It-it creates a comfort zone. Do you wanna go out with me tomorrow night?"
WILLOW: "Oh! I can't!"
OZ: "Well, see, I like that you're unpredictable.

in other joss news, DOLLHOUSE finally aired! and happily i wasnt disappointed by the pilot =) i do think its going to get even better tho =) good setting up about the dollhouse. some nice mystery about the guy at the end. and the rogue active next week.

soundwave in one week. YAY!!!!!!!!! =)))) have to figure out transport tho.
[mood| hyper <--rofl i love that hug]

[music| Buffy Paley pannel 2008]

I MISS BUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really need to buy the rest of the seasons. and rewatch and rewatch and rewatch.

seth green is HILARIOUS. as is joss. =))))

and when i change my userpics im coming back to edit with a joss related icon.
[mood| sore]

i swear. one day i will FINALLY realise that NOTHING good comes out of not dancing for 5 weeks and then doing 4 hrs in a row.

pain pain pain.

zaydens jasaan today. hes getting so cute. has really curly hair.

trying to change my userpics. i want a good dollhouse one.

Feb. 2nd, 2009


thanks for everything!!!
[mood| thoughtful] (i love this pic)

made by amour_douxx at graphics_lj
even though we dont really celebrate halloween here. but the banner looks pretty =)

you know its been a year since ive really posted anything here. i kept thinking i would post about my first week and first year at uni so id remember it. because it was going to be such a huge change from high school. and it was going to be scary and exciting and fun.

turns out its mostly scary. or lonely. i knew i wouldnt make firends easily but i thought it would happen. not close friends. but friendlyish. and that hasnt really happened. in tutes a bit, but in giant lectures not so much. which is a bit pathetic.

i dont even remember my first week that much. i think the major change was the freedom. which has its downfalls a bit too. skipping so many lectures is fun at the time, but probably didnt really help my final grade..

i remember i loved psych and educ at the beginning. hated culture and thought stat was easy.
by the end of the semester i hated psych, still loved educ. kept hating culture. and stat got harder but more interesting.

this sememster i found psych a bit more intersting. loved educ262, hated educ106 and thought math was easy
and those views havnt really changed much.

outside uni, this year has actually been pretty great. dance has been really fun, looking forward to the concert (surprisingly). i love tutoring on saturdays, makes me more confident about my uni degree.. i love being able to drive and the more freedom that comes with that (but now i dont have an excuse for coming home late ><). love going out with friends (wish we did more). and really love hanging out with friends, especially since its not granted that you'll see them every day at school. gotten closer to some people and further from others. but that was expected. looking forward to schoolies v2. hopefully itll be just as much fun as last year. and hopefully no stupid lame drama. hopefully am working at mind, body, spirit next week so saving the money =)

not looking forward to india. and i feel like such a bitch for saying that =(

wow. thats pretty short/crap for a whole years post. but its something right?

ok. i was going to wait till 12 to post this, so itd actually be halloween. but im meant to be doing a math assignemtn. im actually clearing the comms from my flist. but either way i cant be bothered to wait.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY mendoza_v3!

hope you have a really great day/year!

Aug. 28th, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY joelasagangsta!!!!!

last year of teens!!! i loves you!

and look! i didnt use a milo icon!

Over my pile of ashes

i liked both of these, and im never going to get to use them again. so im using both now =)

picking it up tomorrow morning!!!!


these are the moments.
these are the times.
lets make the best out of out lives.

shanaya. 17. female. pya to most. only child. indian. living in australia. happy.

yay: friends. milo ventimiglia. literati. lifehouse. sister hazel. switchfoot. frou frou. linkin park. gilmore girls. friday night lights. dollhouse. buffy. the big bang theory. greys anatomy. veronica mars. pushing daisies. one tree hill. roswell. RENT. the breakfast club. grease. bring it on. singing in the rain. on the jellicoe road. saving francesca. svh senior year. sisterhood of the travelling pants. gossip girl.

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