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Footprints on the Moon

Back to the crazy time of year

This week has been a wee bit shy of crazy, but I guess that's the way I like it.

First, work! Today is the last day of the last week of me working for Jaz over the summer, and I'm not even working a full shift. It's always a little intense over the summer, but this season seems particularly confusing. The office lady, who we were all rather fond of, left to live in Sacramento, so there was an up high scramble that moved it's way down to the lower reaches of floor staff. Everyone seemed a little more discombobulated than typical.

Another lovely lady left. She's a friend of mine, and she was just very burnt out on the field in general and this place of employment in particular. I'm glad that she resigned, because it is best for her and because she hasn't been as present as the clientele really need her to be. However, rather than giving her two weeks, she just up and and quit. While I haven't yet been able to speak to her (and I think she may be avoiding me) I think I understand her reasons. Still, it was massively irresponsible of her, and I'm more than a little disappointed in her decision. Following your heart is good, and more people should do it. It's very fulfilling. When following your heart, though, pay attention to your feet, lest you step on someone else.

The NSQ campers are having a staff barbeque at Yvonne's on Sunday, and I'm looking forward to re-connecting with the ladies back here in the real world.

Second, school! The 442 breadth course got changed at the last minute for essentially unknown reasons. The program hired a new staff member, a Dr. Michael Ballerio (spelling?), and what was "Adventure" is now "Social Work, Social Justice and The Prison Industrial Complex." Let me tell you, I am jazzed. This class is going to be awesome, group work and all.

Natural disasters will require me to keep up, but I should manage a 4.0 out of it. One page of handwritten notes are allowed on exams, so I'm fine. If I can have a few notes, I'll ace it. (I know I can I know I can I know I can...)

The exercise classes are going to kick my butt. I'm going from a fundamentally sedentary existence to pretty intense workouts three days a week. Let me tell you, my legs are sore! The swing dance class is going to be fun, and dance has always felt like fun rather than a chore, but I know I'll have to push myself to keep attending the power step. The teacher seems to understand the variety of issues I'm dealing with in her class (weight - as in moving around more, joint issues) and doesn't mind if I drop out of the routine and just march in place if that's all I can do. If she doesn't care, and it doesn't affect my credit, then I'm just going to keep doing what I can. Hoo-ah!

I haven't yet started my internship, and I'm feeling a little big lost due to my supervisor's casual attitude. While I am expecting to begin next week, I haven't been able to get a clear answer. Following the internship orientation today, I'm going to try and get something (anything) hammered out so I can start planning ahead.

Of that planning ahead, Social Work Student Association! Officers are having our first meeting today, and I've got one heck of an agenda in my head. I really want to make the club a little more fun and a little more active so that we get greater participation numbers. Movie nights are a shoe in, and I've gotten several of the teachers on board with giving extra credit for participation in the movie nights, as so many of them will be in line with current classes. I decided (because I can do that!) that Champion is going to be our first movie.  Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0449472/
Danny Trejo is an excellent storyteller, so the story that I've already heard versions of is very fresh and engaging.  I think it has the potential to lead to great discussion.  Also, I might be able to talk Dr. Ballerjio into giving us extra credit for it.  Woo hoo.

CASA court case is coming up, and I'm not quite ready.  I need to get my court report written, and this weekend is already pretty stuffed.  Ryan and I are hosting all the Rocky cast parties now (which I prefer to attending another Rocky ever again), so that's happening Friday.  Saturday is IMPS, and we're working teardown.  Sunday is the NSQ barbeque, and Monday is back to school.  Somehow, I've gotta get all my homework done and a rough draft of the court report written.  I can do this, yes I can.  I just have to do this (and may not clean anything at all).

Also?  I want to got to Portland still.  Heee.

It never rains but it pours, and this is why I'm probably never having kids.  Waaaaaaay too busy. 

Oh, and I am making headway on being a snake mommy!  A young man from Chico is selling a Ball Python and all it's accesories for around $200 (I'll haggle him down if I want it) and I'm going to meet it Monday around noon.  I may have a snake soon!  He will totally be renamed, yes he will.  While it depends on the critter, does anyon have good snake name suggestions?  I mean, he's a snake.  He's not gonna care.

As the last thing for this update, those of you on the East coast are in my thoughts today.  I was freaked out by the earthquake because most of those states have no idea what to do in an earthquake.  I'm less concerned about Irene because I know that you know what to do and how to stay safe.  Still, I hope there is no damage or danger to you or anyone you know.  Love.

Condom Firm Streches Product Line

Life is good.


I have successfully completed a decent portion of X-mas present making/shopping. There are still plenty of people I should get stuff for, but I'm at a loss. Anyone want jewelry for the holidays? I never manage to find something for everyone; too many of you strange people. Still, in the interest of making wishes so they can come true....

What do you want for Christmas?

I'm having a hellofa time answering that question myself, actually. I need a new bead box.... Well, I'm easy to get stuff for.

Speaking of which, I think I got screwed on Jaz Kidz Secret Santa (secret non-denominational winter present giving of your choice). I got "the new girl".... so new that she hadn't actually started work yet (she does tonight) and no one except those boss people have met her. Of course, they don't know anything about her. Usually, at staff meetings, we all fill out paper about what we like and dislike and those are mixed up and given out. For example, in the section on what you like to drink, I write: Whiskey (Irish), Coffee - NOT Starbucks OMG EWWWW, nice tea, whiskey. (That's not a typo). Since new girl (Chryste) wasn't there, here paper looks like this:
? food

Yep. That's it. Urgh.

I'm hoping new girl Chryste has a sense of humor, because I went ahead and bought the Common Cold microbe plushie from Thinkgeek while doing other shopping. I figured that whoever I got for this year's SS would likely find that amusing. So, there is at least something. Damnit though, I want it to be a more meaningful present. I hate the lame presents. Last year I got shower stuff from bubbles. It was boring, and some of it smelled like gardenia. I don't like giving boring presents.

Chryste works overnights the same days as me at the other house. I'm trying to get AM staff over there to give her the 3rd degree so that I can come up with something original. Otherwise, a gift basket of things to do on overnights. Here's hoping she drinks coffee.

Then there is also Susan. Susan is the financial adviser/planner/etc. for Jaz Kidz. She's one of the very few who don't work with the kids, but she keeps everything running from a money perspective. She's top of her game, and also super nice. Last two X-mas dinners, Ryan and I sat with her and her husband. Good people. Last two years, she got screwed on Secret Santa. Now, Leah gives everyone $5.00 - $15.00 gift cards to Starbucks around the holidays. Someone just took those cards out of their own and gave them to Susan for SS. Now THAT is Office style lame. Good lord. Anywho, she's not participating this year, but I still want to get/make her something. That lady is gold.

Oh work, the things you do to me.

I ordered a purple tree from Walmart, and it should come in the mail soon. PURPLE. Sometime after it has arrived, I will run around to the lots and grab some fir branches for the smell, but I won't have to worry about finding a tree in the future. And it's me. A purple tree is just perfect, dah?

There are lots of projects still, some of which I need help on. Waiting until finals are over...

OH, that reminds me! I'm done with CR this semester... sorta! One class has no final, so this week was the last week for it. In Thomas' Critical Thinking, I didn't have to take the final because I had a 95% A in the class. Woooo! Me and 3 others. I also got a giant golden paperclip (longer than my hand is wide, I swear) for getting the highest cumulative quiz score of the class at 100%. Yay me! I'm done having to drive up to CR this semester! I still need to take a final for my History class, but that isn't due until the 14th. I'll study some at work this week and take the final Thursday. I currently have 140% in that class, so I'm not actually concerned. I'm essentially done... now it is time to work on the BSW application *shock!*

That personal statement will be the most difficult. My writing skills have decayed in the last couple of years, and I'm going to need to be at the top of my game. It's a short 5 pages (double spaced? single?), but it'll need to be packed. Anyone wanna help me with the editing process?

More beading will happen! I keep wanting to write informative essays about different aspects of beading because I think that many people don't have any concept about the style of beading I do. Not to sound egotistical or anything; it's more like I want to share these things so that people might have some understanding of something I dearly love.

Made two earrings and two bracelets last night.

I also got the stuff to start sewing. Ryan found the power cord and pedal, I got 3-in-1 oil, canned air, needles (a variety), thread, and the manual. This means that, once I clean everything and figure out how to thread the machine (and make bobbins!) I can actually start sewing. It's getting closer!

Projects: Re-organize the fabric/craft drawers at the landing. Re-organize the top of the landing to accommodate smaller altar space and X-mas decorations. Wrap presents, and mail those that need to be mailed. Keep on... beeeeeading. Re-organize livingroom walls....

I am beginning to want the front room to look different. I think... it's a little like being bored with my surroundings.

And someday? Someday I'll replace that couch/loveseat thing with one that is better (but is without the fold out bed).

Am reading: _Zombie_ by Oates, the first of the Harry Potter books (audio). I jumped on the wagon years later. Go me.


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Wednesdays will very shortly start sucking. More than usual, at least. Helloooooo DSP training!

On Tuesday night, I wake up around 5:30pm because I have class on Tuesday nights. I'm at work by 10:45pm. This is normal. When I get off of work on Wednesday morning it is usually around 8:30 (and I'm in Arcata). I'll go home, shower, and go back to work for a staff meeting. These are scheduled from 11:00AM to 2:00PM but usually only go until about 1:00PM. I can always leave early if I am feeling excessively tired.

What will change is the DSP training. On Wednesdays, I am supposed to be at the HCOE from 8:00AM to 2:00PM. Note that I am scheduled to be off work at 8:00AM and that I can't skip out of the trainings early.

Gonna suck. Wednesdays will be playing havoc with my immune system. Urg.

Brain: It still functions!
I was given some information that I'm still trying to process. Nobody wants to put themselves under unusual stigma. A long history of NOT talking about these sort of things. *sigh* I promise I'm not trying to be cryptic. I just don't want to be the crazy one.

I put blinders on so I can get things done.