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I tried to go to the old Jewish Cemetary yesterday, but I couldn't. It was 300 crowns for a tour of seven or eight places that I didn't want to go see, so I didn't have the choice of just looking at gravestones. Lucky me, there's a little window in one of the fences where I can peer through. Maybe next time around.

I wandered around the Jewish quarter for a while, staring at shops and buildings, and eventually made my way up to the metranome.

Ok... story. During Nazi occupation, up on this giant fucking hill (easily the highest spot I've been to yet) there was a statue of Stalin erected, and a park created to glorify the party. When the occupation ended, the statue was torn down and destroyed in all manner of ways, and the city of Prague erected a hu-freking-mungous metrenome, that actually keeps time, to signify the city's love of music. The glorifying area is now an unofficial skate park and graffiti showcase. It's the best place in the city I've visited yet.

It's the intensity of life that makes such realities as ours beautiful, and sitting that high above a city, one can almost spy the interconnecting and interweaving web which connects and pushes each of us into a meant direction. On a grand scale, all that should happen does. On a personal scale, this is not necessarily true, because free will still reigns. Whatever else we're set to do, the first rules are joy and love. Without these, nothing can be truely accomplished.

Ok, so I'm an idealist.

I drank a shot of absinthe in the "Zombie Bar" for Jeriah. Salude!

Jamison and I then went to a cheaper bar and drank beer for some time. I then wandered to another hostel to hang out with Gordon and Adam, and they got me quite trashed on Vodka vodka vodka. Woooooo hoooo!

I'm leaving Prague tomorrow, and another adventure awaits. Some of you will be delighted, and some of you will be dissapointed. I'm sorry for those of you that will, but I choose for me, not you.

Hell. "Never make excuses. Your friends don't need them, and your enemies don't care." Be well everyone, and you'll be hearing from me shortly enough.
Purple Scream(def)

Just a quickie

I actually was able to attend the Museum of Communism, which was disturbing for all the wrong reasons. The parallels between Chezk communist history and current American politics is scary as all hell. They were both so good at FNORD.

Because it made sense at the time, I followed that up by going to the Museum of Sex Machines. And took a million pictures. And watched porn from 1925. And tried to figure out how to convince a few certain people to make some of these items.

I want to bring every one of you to it! I swear, as I walked through, I was the only person genuinely enjoying myself. Everyone else looked very uncomfortable or sarcastic. I wanted a Gatsby.

I also got lost in Prague a couple times, once on purpose. The city is fucking goregous. WOW. I'm totally doing more touristy stuff today.

Night wander couldn't happen last night. My energy was flagging, and I had to get up early today. Praps tonight. I'm still seeing plenty strange though. Daylight wander had one. Nostradamous pointed the way to communism when I couldn't find it. Really strong little zap, right there. And an all seeing eye from the laterna magica.

My face itches. And I'm gonna try meat pate in a foil-covered tub. Odd enough, I'm sure.
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Purple Scream(def)

In addition....

So, per usual drunken post, I forgot to mention a few things.

There was another gentleman, later in the evening, who's name I never did get. He's Slovokian, and speaks french, itallian, german, and his native fluently. However, he only knew a few words in english. Enough to wander up and tell me that I was beautiful and original. And that's an ego boost.

The ego downer was on the walk back to the hostel. Three men walked up to me, and one asked me with a thick french accent "You are, ah, american, yes?" I responded in the positive, and he turns to his friends, saying "see? All of them fat." Diamond's response? "I may be that honey, but my breasts are nicer than any you'll ever touch." Cheap shot? Yeah. But we do what we can.

I'll likely be changing hostels tomorra, find one I can afford. I got two nights free here, but I've gotta start paying soon.

Although I haven't stared and photographed yet, I do have one thing to say about Prague. It may or may not be the most beautiful city in the world, and I have no gauge. However, it is the most astetically amazing, beautiful, goregous place I've ever had the luck to visit.

Thank you, all of you, for your supportive words over the last few days. They mean so very much to me. I hope every one of you is doing well.
Purple Scream(def)

I know, I know for sure, that life is beautiful around the world

So here are the pleasntly buzzed Diamond's adventures in Prague.

When I first arrived, I was unable to find Gordon (the Prague/Scottish amigo), and freaked myself out a bit. I was able to phone operadavid , which helped me chill quite a bit.  And Gordon and I eventually found eachother... teh Wo0t. 

I wandered with him and his amigos Adam (Scottish) and Kevin (Australlian) for a bit, and to his house, chattering as much as possible.  Everyone's still so quiet, it's difficult to hear anything.  The brought me to the Golden Sickle Hostel, where I get a couple of free nights.  It's not what, it's who ya know. 

My roomies in the Hostel are Irish or from Eugene, OR.  Small world, an all that jazz.  They're nice enough people to chatter with, foi shoi.

My bed wasn't in good repair, so the mattress is currently laying on the floor.  That's the first bed I've ever broken, and it didn't even involve kinky monkey sex.

I wandered down to a music pub this evening (midnightish) called "Havana Club".  Two lovely ladies took it apon themselves to personally welcome me with open arms to Prague and the Czech Rep.  I can remember one name, Christine, but not the other right now.  Then a gentleman named Dollar wandered up to the seating, and we chattered for quite a bit.  He's french, and attempting to learn english. He also asked me to call him later, so that we could meet at a pub and drink some more.  Don't worry, friends and dear lover, I won't do anything to harm anyone.  But the conversation is good, so I likely will continue it.

That's about it.  Sober, more interesting post tomorra, I promise.

I want to find a music box that plays Dis Bilndes.

The Havana Club was playing a live show of the RHCP.  Do any of you know that that's acutally my favorite band.  Bloody love 'em.

Take care of yourselves.  LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Drank: local dark beer, long island iced tea, Pearl Harbor)


I'm going to the Communist Museum tomorra.