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I took a History Exam earlier this morning, at that was the very last task needed for me to complete College of the Redwoods with my Associates in Behavior and Social Sciences.  Unless I end up taking CR classes through Humboldt State University, I am finished with CR.  Victorious moments from this semester include writing a paper in 4 hours and getting 100% on it, power going out during a sex exam, and never getting enough sleep.

Since it's only and AS, I decided not to walk.  I am, however, wearing my honors cord and tassel around the house.  I am also drinking a little... because if I'm going to celebrate alone, I'm going to have fun doing it.  There is a possibility of later coffee-shop travels.

I have a few months now where I can pay attention to the many other things in my life.  I began this by doing the dishes.  YAY DISHES.


Delicious, delicious summer plans.  Thus far, these events are set to occur.

May 28th - 31st: Memorial Day Camping at Hayward Flat Campground (http://www.campersonline.com/haywardflat.html)
July 14th - 28th: penguingod  and his lovely fiance will be visiting the great Lost Coast.  Party time.  I'm taking all of it off of work.

These events need to occur, but do not yet have a date:
The Bunny Picnic - a camping trip (probably at Ruth Late at Libby's suggestion http://www.ruthlakecsd.org/)
Visiting vampyrecat , vajrabot , victortenzin , and charlotelucinda  in Portland.
Visiting my Mom & Griff inland in Shasta.
Visiting my Mom & Griff inland in Shasta v. 2.

Otherwise, beading, cleaning, applying for scholarships.  I want to deep clean every room in the house.

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We've returned to Boston, safe and sound and SNOW.  As much as I'm enjoying unpacking (read: decorating), we need about 50 more hangers now.  There is, of course, exactly enough food in the house for two meals, so grocery shopping is the plan of the evening.  Our sleep scheduals are so bastardized... we got back at about 8am, and promptly passed out.

I've gotta get my sleep schedual onto something realisitic, so that I can go back to work.  Our roomate has neglected to pay about $150 a month on the apartment, my rent share, without informing us that he was doing so....  I've a bit to pay back.   In additon, I owe the crazy cunt money for a plane ticket.  Lucky me, if I get my ass in gear, I can have it all paied off in about two months.

Just before dropping us off at the airport, David's mum was trying to get directions to a good indian resturant.  The direction man at her hotel happened to be indian, so his suggestion was absoloutly wonderful.  Old lady had an issue with the directions, however.  The man kept telling her to get off the freeway on "tard" street.  When she asked him to spell it, it was T-H-I-R-D street.  She told David this, and neither of us connected the spelling with the number 3... we just kept looking for tard street.  Lolacaust.

I need to get ahold of HCAR for my W-2's... I'm going back to college in September.  I need to... it's time.  Manderson pointed out to me that child psychology might be a better feild than general psychology, so I'm going to look into that.  I've some time to decide, however, as the first few semesters will likely be only GE.

I'm going to apply to BC, BU, HSU, and p'raps San Fran.  David has an auditon with the Boston Lyric Opera, or BLO, on the 10th.  That's exciting.  Also, a relative of his, who he met at the family party thing, is likely on the board for the Merola Program out of the San Fran Opera... possibly the most prestigious in the country and close to home.  She wants him to apply... very very very exciting!

I've also been looking into the Rosicrucian Order.  Their philosophy resonates so well with mine, that it would likely be worth a paycheck (i.e. two days of work) to become a member for a year.  In additon, they send you learning and research materials.  We picked up the 2000 (?) Manifesto at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose.  The musem itself was amazing, and cheap as real musems go.  If you get a chance, go there.  I mean it.  And don't be sidetracked by the shiny... the real knowledge held there isn't so shiny.  I also learned about Tawert, also known as Taurt... her statue graces the entrance to the museum.

I think that's about the gist of it.  We continue.