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Purple Scream(def)

My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim

So, today was interesting. I went to Camden Town Market and had a wonderful time wandering around and seeing. Purchased a few items. The people are dramatically kinder there than in regular tourist attractions... go figure. I got asked at least 5 times if I was Canadian.

I met up with Ala and Atilla again for a few hours, went to a little underground (literally) pub that's farther off the beaten path, and drank a couple iced teas (you know the kind). More good spiritual conversation, but nothing like home.

Returned to the hostel, and went to the bar next door, sang Hotel California, go a resounding applause from the majority of the bar. It's good for the ego.

Met a lady named Charlie who was very kind. She said she's only ever met one American who voted red, and that person was in the military. (My brain just said "milli-tree".) Met a gentleman named Wally, who asked that I look him up if I ever return to London, which I may just do. He was cool enough, and kept me awake unitl about seven with conversation.

I wandered across the Tower Bridge, which is absoloutly beautiful. I found a real headshop called "Amsterdam of London" in the basement of a preppy store.

Sherelle: I want to take you shopping in Camdon Town. You'd fucking love it. I wasn't able to find the club; sorry. I will bring you here someday, if I can.

I've gotta figure out what I'm going to do, or willing to do, between 10am and 7pm, when my train leaves. Ack.

Prague's next. Here we go!
Purple Scream(def)

Somebody's party in a London flat; you're where it's at

So the prior rambling post likely made very little sense.  I'm either more or less coherent now, depending on your translation.

Last night was lovely.  I'd expected to sleep around 2pm here, but instead hooked up with Ala (tulpa_team  to you) and his amigo Atilla.  Ala and I had extensive interesting conversation at a bar/club where the lights made the cigarette coals turn neon yellow, and purple had the brightest response in the room.  They played a lot of euro-pop-techno and house mixes, so I couldn't concieve of dancing.  I watched three chikas in millitary-fetish dance gear get their bumpy groove on, and that was cute.  The majority of the conversation was spiritual/metaphysical based, so it felt dramatically more comfortable.

Attilla arrive later, and conversation continued until the music became too loud to bother talking over.  We then did a bit of pub hopping; I've discovered that I like my beer warm.  Easier to chug :D.  Really though, I think I may just do that from now on anyway.  But I'm an oddball.  One of the pubs was American football, and I nearly screamed.  Just to be silly.  The gentlemen thought the bartender put it on for me.  Disturbing fucking idea.

They also took me to Chinatown, to a resturant.  Honey fried eel with crushed peppercorn is THE SHIT.  My god it's delicious.  If you've ever the option to try it, do.  Bloody amazing.

They also bought me quite a few drinks, and I'm hoping to repay the favor tonight.  Beyond that, if one or both of them ever arrive in Humco (which is always a possiblity, yes?) I would expect tribe to show them a fair amount of horse-brutality, and I certainly would.  Good people.

While walking to a bus station from Chinatown, a couple of men passed us.  One of them said "I is a happy Puerto whore."  Imagine the giggles once it registered.

There were a ton of gay men at the bus stop, playing some version of Hot or Not at the other men that passed/were there.  It was fairly amusing to listen to. 

I keep seeing our people's faces in crowds, and I miss you all.

The £5 bill has a line drawing of Darwin on it, and it made me think of Naiden. 

People don't react here (I've seen) nearly as much as I'm used to.  It seems that a smile and chuckle is close to a good laugh for us.  Re-learning reative boundries is going to be difficult, and I hope I'm a quick study.

There are a ton of beautiful people here, just wandering through their reality.  I feel decidely intimidated when I recognize it, but I'm aware that I can't react to that program's suggestions.  I have to have the ego of knowing I'm good people, at least for now.  Chalk it up to survival. 

Today is the tourist/photo day, so I'll pick up some postcards for as many of you as I can.  Or just a few.  Remember, if you don't recieve something immediatly, it's not because I don't love you.  Limited funds and all that, and everything in London is twice the price (currency conversion and such.)

Here's a mini-shocker too kids.  I may be back in the states a good bit earlier than a year, but I will not return to Humco until at least next summer.  So be well.

I love you all, and you'd better take fine care of yourselves.  Love love and love.