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Purple Scream(def)

Prostitutes appeal to Pope

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You know what's sorta fun? Sorta fun like drawing a tarot card? Putting your music on random and writing down one line from each song to make a poem. Here is mine.

In the long run, there's still time to change the road you're on
Screamed at the make believe, screamed at the sky
You taught me something
And if you've got no other choice, you know you can follow my voice

It's hard to believe that there's nobody out there
You can try to stop it but it keeps on coming
Now a whole lotta woman needs a whole lot more
One stop to the rhythm that divides you

Here I am locking horns with the stallion
I see a world where people live and die with grace
Shove the sun aside
He's crazy, she dances in the light

Oh the thrill of control,
Spend the whole goddamn day in bed
Spend me up like money
Oh, are we locked into these bodies?

Better lift your feed and just measure the beat on
Then all the colors will bleed into one
Rescue me from level-head-ness
Everybody sees the wind blow

That's nifty, isn't it? You should do one too.

I may be getting a cold soon. See, I have to work for 15 hours (12, now) pretty much straight through this Wednesday, and for the next nine weeks or so. This wouldn't be too terrible, except that I'm already exhausted and have a very very very busy week planned. Just... so much to do. I can't wait to be 'just' a student. The brain break alone might be worth the debt. (Someone remind me I said that in four years).

If you see any new studies on sleep deprivation or working nights, please send them to me. Or even if you know of any good ones.

Shot Thursday. We'll find out if I've lost any weight then. Ryan is more nervous than I am. "If you didn't loose any weight, you're going to be upset and cry." He's right... BUT, even if I just stopped my upward weight gain, I'll be pleased. I feel bloated (in addition to headachey and jointachey and tired), so I'm really not feeling pretty.

It's X-mas planning time now. Oh gosh. Presents. I have to get people presents. And wrap them. So... what do you folks want? Anyone need some pretty jewelry?

*sigh* Imma mop a floor now.