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Purple Scream(def)


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

I am so fucking excited about this game. NPC AI. Battlemage. Recoil from blocking weapons. Arrows stick in shit where they're supposed to now, and you can pick them back up. NPC AI! Physics works. Fast travel to places you've already been. A world where the soil erodes when it rains. Chameleon looks like stealthed predator. NPC AI! You now have real-time clues as to what will make an NPC like or dislike you more, rather than just bribing them. You can join the facking NINJAS!

Watch the videos here, and get as fucking excited as I am.

Specifically chapters 4 and 5.

Check out the screenshots. They're all actually from the bloody game.

We're ordering it Saturday.