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Purple Scream(def)

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I made six Sweet Potato Pies last night. It was epic. And a little messy.

I actually used partial Yam in the mix to give the pies that nice, deeper colour. Since I often use brown sugar to make them, I don't have that problem usually. This year? Splenda. And a nut crust. One for Jaz Kidz, one for Ryan and I, one for the dinner we're going to Thursday, and two to bring up to the mountains for friends.

I am awake a little early, waiting for the Progressive claims lady to call. I backed into another car nearly a month ago, and I'm not an easy person to get ahold of for a 9-5er, by phone at least. I guess she wants to ask questions. Here's to coffee.

Tonight, with luck, I'll have the chance to look up online which physicians are covered by my insurance locally. Or... well, the correct form of that statement. My back pain is full of terrible, and I want it done with. Not really surprisingly, drinking copious amounts of alcohol makes the pain unnoticeable. Too bad I can't do that at work.

I have coffee and I hear a man in leather approaching.

Edit: And now Ryan introduced me to this hilarious video that will make you snarfle whatever you happen to be drinking.

Burning with cute

Puple Cabbage Rolls and Red Salad

Yes, it's a purple and red meal. Yes, I didn't realize until just this moment. I put on my red-had shoes just to write this up.

Cabbage rolls are delicious and amazing things, but the rice isn't alright on the diet. Of course, you can still make them with rice; I just didn't. That extra step will take... however long it takes your rice to cook. To make it extra flavorful, at a packet of Ramen flavoring or cook the rice in broth.

Onward to the delicious! Remember, this is going to be really photo heavy.

Let's walk through how I went and made this:

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