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Of Breakfast and Teeth

(Overly dramatic version)

I woke up this past Sunday to a loud, unusual sort of banging coming from inside my house. Groggy with sleep and still tethered to dreams, I rolled over to ask Ryan what was going on. He was not in bed. With only minor concern, I stumbled out of his sheets and into my bedroom, to see if Ryan was there. He was not, and the banging had stopped. I thus surmised that Ryan, ever busy and building, must be the source of the unusual noise.

As I needed to leave the house for a North Star Quest Camp meeting in a couple hours, the next area to which I stumbled was the bathroom. Post-hygiene routine, this scrubbed and much more alert girl got dressed in preparation for the day. Down the stairs I went, only faintly noticing the smell of something fried. At the base of the stairs, Ryan - having heard me arrive - said "There's coffee by the monitor sweetie, and I'm making breakfast."

Ryan was in the kitchen, his back towards me. I walked over to him with the intent of giving him a big good morning hug and kiss. He turned around before I got there, and his jaw dropped.

"You're dressed!" He said, sounding distressed.
"Yeah, I have the Camp thing in a couple hours in Old Town," I responded.
Looking now dejected, and loosely gripping a spatula in his had, he replied in a pleading tone: "But... I'm making chicken fried pork steak with eggs. You'll still have time to eat it, won't you?"

(Of course I did, and it was amazing).

In other news, I finally had a "teeth falling out" dream. I can join the ranks of everyone, for the scientists say that everyone has had one of these dreams. A couple strange things for you, though:
First, my teeth looked suspiciously like peanut brittle.
Second, the dream teeth chunks were attached to the tooth base by thin wires running through them. To remove the portion that was falling out, I had to pull out the wires as well. It was a very uncomfortable dream.

And... today is a short school day, so I'm making a turkey. End of line.
Purple Scream(def)

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Beautiful feeling dream....

I was flying from 'somewhere' on a very small, violet dragon... flying over a dream-only ocean, where the water was the crystal blue reserved for paintings. There was an earthquake, I watched, and the waves became huge, beautiful crescents, smashing into dun cliffs and pouring back down to the base. One covered me on the dragon, and it was gone. I was alone in the water, riding the waves, feeling them lift and cradle me to their highest point, smashing back down with them into the dark (warm???) waters of the deepest places. The dream went on like this for a while, just the feeling of riding the waves, being part of the water and still being my human self. I watched so many creatures swim by me, ride with me, and I began telling the dream what I would like to see. Whales and giant crabs and schools of shimmering fish all showed up at my request, dreamt with me. It seems like the dream lasted all night... and I could feel the motion. I am awed.
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