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Purple Scream(def)

Disneyland, part 1

I worked the overnight Sunday night, trained the new oncoming overnight, and got on a bus at 5:00 AM with a variety of coworkers and clients' families. The bus drove us to Oakland, where we got into the airport. I and a few coworkers had a few (airport priced) drinks while waiting for our flight. We took the flight to LAX, arrived, got on another bus in LA (my FIRST TIME in LA) which took us to the hotel (Staybridge Suites Resort, Anaheim) and we felt we had arrived.

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This is 1/4 of the first day.  More coming!
Attention bunny

Busy the summer

Ah, the summer! The summer is here!

June 5th, Saturday: Arts Alive! The Ink People are having a "PURPLE" show at the Adorni center, which I will clearly have to go see. TS article HERE. Ryan has also promised his friend Kati that we'll be doing Arts Alive! because we missed it last month. We may be doing dinner with some of their friends as well.

June 11th, Friday: Silas and Super-Kate are having their handfasting at 6:00 PM, with a delicious pot luck to follow. Hooray! I will need to figure out some sort of gift thing for them (what do you get for happy people who seem to need nothing?) and make wild rice salad for the pot luck.

June 12th, Saturday: Christa's "fête d'adieux: Bon Voyage!" party at 7pm at syd___'s. There will be carbombs, well wishes, and goodbyes. Sean is having a graduation party and Jillian is having a birthday party, both on the same night, so we had to choose just one.

June 19th, Saturday: OYSTER FESTIVAL. Yeeeehaw! The Oyster Festival is going go be amazing and delicious and full of oysters and people and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going. I know I won't regret it. I think I get paid the day before too!

June 24th, Thursday to June 27th, Sunday: Mom! Rachel will be flying out to see the family the week previous, and is going to come over and get me on the 24th. I have a dental appointment at 12:00 PM for a cleaning, and I'll plan to be totally ready to go after that. Ryan is then going to drive my car out to Mom's after he gets off work on Friday. Ryan and I will drive back Sunday, and I'll go to work. I'll need to get ahold of the Tooleys about what they've got for honey, and sync up with all these mead makers.

July 3rd, Saturday: Phil Elcok (gigglesnort) and Danielle Jacobson are getting married at Arrington Apples, 3pm. Wee!

July 14th, Wednesday to July 28th, Wednesday: penguingod and pyracies are going to be here, and I'm taking the whole time off of work. I'm working on a highly detailed schedule, but part of that includes camping....

July 22, Thursday to July 26, Monday: Camping?!?! Using Libby's awesome connections, these are the projected dates for camping at Ruth Lake. It's gonna be huge, oh is it ever.

August 9th, Monday through August 13th, Friday: Jaz Kidz, Inc. goes to Disneyland. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I get to be part of taking all these awesome clients to Disneyland! Free and paid! Jaz is paying for air fare to and from, hotels for the entire time, and all of our meals. OMGZ.

Portland: Dates should probably be set now, but the weekend of the 8th of July or the 7th of August are looking better. Ryan and I will need to get some detail down.

August 17th: Fall Semester at Humboldt State University begins.