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So, the ER turned out to be "nothing", but some tests came back with something else negative. Fortounatly, it's easy enough to deal with. 

You know that David and I will be back for the summer. What you don't know is we might be back for longer than the summer. I feel both elated and terrified. It's not that she'll wear on me, it's that she'll wear on him... I wish I could just slap some bloody emapthy into her. (At least one of you know's who I mean.) I can't help that living in Hum again, at least for a while, would make me happy. You people, that's why.
There's also the possiblity of going to CR for the fall, something that also makes me feel good. But his head... I'm worried.

I suppose the eviction notice doesn't matter all that much, as we're already leaving. The roomate is still frustrating though.

It doesn't help that I'm just flat out cranky right now, either.

tulpa_team : When are you coming state-side? 
jeriah : Lets plan on having a pool party once you come back from Japan.
alt255 : Have you ever seen Reboot?  Saturday morning cartoon from a while back?
vampyrcat and varjabot : If you want, I'll give you the entire Paranoia Agent series... but it's only compy watchable.
penguingod : Summer tour plans?

It'll be good not to feel as lonely anymore, but is that any good reason to put his head at risk?  Gads, I need some advice on how to deal with her so I don't just poison her drinks.

GAH!  I think I ought to go on the roof and scream, but I won't.