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I took a History Exam earlier this morning, at that was the very last task needed for me to complete College of the Redwoods with my Associates in Behavior and Social Sciences.  Unless I end up taking CR classes through Humboldt State University, I am finished with CR.  Victorious moments from this semester include writing a paper in 4 hours and getting 100% on it, power going out during a sex exam, and never getting enough sleep.

Since it's only and AS, I decided not to walk.  I am, however, wearing my honors cord and tassel around the house.  I am also drinking a little... because if I'm going to celebrate alone, I'm going to have fun doing it.  There is a possibility of later coffee-shop travels.

I have a few months now where I can pay attention to the many other things in my life.  I began this by doing the dishes.  YAY DISHES.


Delicious, delicious summer plans.  Thus far, these events are set to occur.

May 28th - 31st: Memorial Day Camping at Hayward Flat Campground (http://www.campersonline.com/haywardflat.html)
July 14th - 28th: penguingod  and his lovely fiance will be visiting the great Lost Coast.  Party time.  I'm taking all of it off of work.

These events need to occur, but do not yet have a date:
The Bunny Picnic - a camping trip (probably at Ruth Late at Libby's suggestion http://www.ruthlakecsd.org/)
Visiting vampyrecat , vajrabot , victortenzin , and charlotelucinda  in Portland.
Visiting my Mom & Griff inland in Shasta.
Visiting my Mom & Griff inland in Shasta v. 2.

Otherwise, beading, cleaning, applying for scholarships.  I want to deep clean every room in the house.