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Nettie was born in Lookout, CA to Charles and Zettie Potter-Gooch on Feburary 9th, 1913. She had 6 siblings: Mazella Oilar Coe, Ora Gooch, Rush Gooch, Hazel Wertz, Carrie Cessna and (1/2 brother) Tim Ostrom. She attended Little Hot Springs School and was a 1932 graduate of Big Valley High School. She married John Lewis Hendrix on May 18, 1935 in Alturas, CA and had 3 children: Bonny Sattler, Donald Hendrix and Carrie Ashe. At the time of her death, she was 98 yrs old.

Nettie was both creative and capable in her many endeavors. She grew large flower and vegetable gardens with vigor over the years, and raised many farm animals on her ranch. She enjoyed leatherwork, sewing, quilting, and creating dried flower arrangements for personal gifts and club fundraisers. She also enjoyed participating in the Intermountain Fair, entering many of beautiful things throughout her life.

She was an active member of the Garden Club and the Day Community Center for several years and worked as a cook at Mayers Memorial Hospital until she retired.

She is survived by her son Donald Hendrix, daughter Carrie Ashe, 9 Grandchildren: Kristi Keadle, Karrie "Pete" Mike, Jay Keadle, Lisa Stanley, Cindy Jones, John Ashe, Tom Ashe, Reid Hendrix and Brett Hendrix; 15 Great-Grandchildren: Diamond Moebus, Rachel Moebus, Griff Mike, Brittany Jones, Donald and Sara Stanley, Heather, Haley and Tanner Ashe, Corbin and Chloe Ashe, Jackie and Jared Keadle, Shasta Hendrix; and 1 great Great-Great-Grandaughter, Kaeyden Keadle.

(edited to improve some language, grammar, and punctuation).
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