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I am currently sitting in Weaverville waiting for the 2:40 bus. What a great little trip to Mom's!

It was essentially quite, low stress, and relaxing. Griff had a cold, so he stayed home from school Tues-Thurs, but still felt well enough to hang out with me. While I'm massively sick of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (thanks Rachel!), it was a lot of fun to see him dance to them. I got a great video of it.

His spoken language comprehension has improved quite a bit, although he still gets frustrated and just won't answer sometimes. He was also great at doing chores with me.

Everything was quiet, except us. I also got plenty of homework done, including reading Altars in the Street. Helped Mom study for some exams too; nursing is no joke.

I also officially came out to mom about bisexuality and polyamory. Thank goodness, it was smooth and fine. While I think she was a little confused, she didn't respond with anger or hurt. She'd never heard of polyamory, so that probably helped. I'm so pleased; it couldn't have gone better.

At least one part of the visit was bittersweet though. Seems that Jay and Margret (Mom's brother and his wife) had the bank forclose on the mill land. I am filled with hurt and rage over this. One of our family properties, the one that actually holds the historic mill that has always been a familial landmark, is now owned by the bank. Just the thought makes me want to cry, and I don't know who to talk to about it. Maybe I should be understanding, but I don't know that I have that in me.

Monday = tattoos! I am going to be getting Shasta Lilies on my neck to cover up that weird S thing. Here are some pictures of said lilies:

Shasta Lilies are native to where I grew up; there, we call them Mountain Lilies. They are my mother's absolute favorite flower. It grows all over my family's land, blooming around the same time as the redbells. Let me tell you, it is a kind of magical to walk through the human-noise-silent pine covered woods and follow the trails of lilies and redbells. To me, they represent the three generations of strong and beautiful women I am blessed to be bred from and to have known in my life. They represent something calm, hopeful... some feeling that exists between the zen of acceptance and the magic of the inland woods. The flowers are also highly resistant to transplant, but are hardy where they intend to grow. It's an allegory for the Gooch family.

From the wiki: "Lilium washingtonianum grows up to 2 m tall, and bears large fragrant white or pinkish flowers that are often decorated with purplish spots. The tepals are 6 to 9 cm long and not strongly reflexed. It is typically found in chaparral, open woods, recently burned areas, or revegetating clearcuts."
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