purplebunnie_ (purplebunnie_) wrote,

I will never write a daily journal.  I simply don't need to.

2011 is off to a fabulous start.  The eve was spent with wonderful people and wonderful drinks at the Oberon until around 2, and the wee hours were spent at a kinky play party.  Met some new folks (quite busty ones as well!) got cupped for the first time, and tried out a few leather impact play tools for style and eventual purchase. 

Mellowed about the house, put away X-mas decorations & made plans on what little of the day-of we were awake for.  Yesterday, did a photo shoot at Fort Humboldt (the great Fervus had never been!) and went out the eel and shot some stupid number of guns.  R was finally finally finally able to fire all his tools!  I rather like the Walther PPK, and I've started referring to it as Sean Connery.  We also went by Pro-Sport and touched their weapons - It looks like there are some nice revolvers that would fit in my tiny hands.

Ended the night with vidjagamin'.  The year is off to a fine start.

Today, akasha6915 will be coming by to help me get my hair back the the colour it really out to be.  Tomorrow I have an appointment for an interview to be a CASA, and the training is 9-4:30 every day next week.  Then to Santa Cruz to assist in re-homing a client for that weekend, and finally to school on the 18th. 
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