purplebunnie_ (purplebunnie_) wrote,

School Schedule

Spring 2010, my LAST semester at CR, begins on January 16th.

PE 9: Hiking! Friday 01:00PM - 03:55PM 1.00 unit Instructor: Susan E. Kidd. This one's on the main campus. I need to take an exercise class for weight loss, and this works well with my schedule. I'll need to buy shoes.

SOC 3: Human Sexuality! Monday 06:00PM - 09:10PM 3.00 units. Instructor: Dana N. Maher, Ph.D. Also on the main campus. As you can see, Durhum (am? ham?) isn't teaching the class, AND this instructor has a Ph.D. I'm jazzed.

GEOL 10: Environmental Geology! Online class. 3.00 units. Instructor: James M. Renner. I never did a physical science, and I need one for GE/AA/BSW. Woot.

HIST 9: US History Reconstruction - Present! Online class. 3.00 units. Instructor: Thomas S. Owen. That history I'm taking now? Yeah... wrong history, because I can't brain sometimes. Oh well! As Renee said, this will just be like a review.
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