March 13th, 2011

Exponential Pint

Born in the USA


On Monday I'm taking a bus over to Redding to visit my family. Mom is going to pick me up from the RABA station around 2:30, and we're going to hang out. I hope we get to catch a meal or something. Then we're meeting Ivan in Burney, and he's going to take me the rest of the way to the property. Mom has to stay in Redding for school for the rest of the week; she says she has some projects and tests she has to work on/study for. I won't see a lot of her.

Griff is going to be in school also, but I'll get to see him in the late afternoon/evenings. During the day, I'm going to try to get massively ahead in my schoolwork for this semester. It will be quiet and beautiful; two things that lend themselves to productivity. I can help Griffer with his homework in the evening (and see where he's at/what sort of work they're giving him). I really want to dye his hair again, but I forgot to plan it with Ivan. His hair will need to be much longer than I expect it is.

On Thursday we're going back to Burney, and Mom's going to meet us there. Mom and I are going to stay in a hotel together on Thursday night, since I'll need to catch an early bus on Friday from Redding. We'll see where she's at, but I'm strongly considering coming out to my mom at this time. We'll have the privacy to talk about it, and I think I stand a better chance if it can be a "just us" sort of talk. While she might, at this point, be alright with bisexuality, polyamory is a whole 'nother can of worms.

Ryan is going to be having a difficult time this week. His ex is getting married. They were together for 15 years, so I expect some variety of unhappy shit is bound to come out. Jeremy said he'd come by; so did Yvonne. I'm worried that won't be enough. *sigh*

The Friday night I return, Christy is having a St. Pattie's party at Murder house. FUN. And whiskey and FUN. I look forward to it! Can't drink too much though, because I've got a CASA meeting that Saturday.

Busy girl doesn't stop, but so much joy is coming my way! On the Monday after I get back, I have an appointment with Dre to get my next tattoo. Hooray! The damn ugly thing on my neck is going to be covered up with a Shasta Lily. I'll write an entry dedicated to it, for it is a personally special flower.