February 20th, 2011


Drunken drivers paid $1000 in '84

3 owlets! Matilda, Dundee, and Bindi.

I am a very, very luck goil.

For VD:

I got Ryan a card that has a zombie on it. The zombie is holding out it's lungs, and the inside says "you take my breath away". ^.^ I also found an Audubon plush turkey - you squeeze it and it makes turkey noises. Ryan got me a $50 bottle of whiskey in a nice ceramic jug.

Then we went to the IMPS party that weekend. If sex stuff bothers you, you don't have to read it. I cut it, just for you.

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In other news, school continues to be something busy and crazy. I keep saying it, but 19 units is no joke. Ryan, the silly boy, keeps asking "Do you have homework?" I keep answering, "Honey, the answer will be yes until Finals are over. I have homework." Every day of the week. It's a minimum prescribed 47 hours of school and homework a week, but you know it takes longer than that. Plus, so much of this semester is group work that there is the additional struggle of making everyone's schedules work together. Thank goodness for Google Docs!

I got an A and A- on a paper for the Philosophy class. I specifically did the writing assignment while tipsy, and did not give it a read-through beyond a basic spell check. My stress level is now adjusted accordingly. While I'm stressed, I will be get A's if I do the readings.

AND I get to work with hawtgothchick on a couple of projects. OOooooo... she's so pretty! It's the best schoolgirl crush I've had in a loooooong time.

OH! I'm a CASA now! I did my CASA of Humboldt training the week before school started (http://www.humboldtcasa.org/), and I just recently agreed to the case. Obviously I can't tell you any details, but I am very excited!

I also have to figure out where I'm going to intern next year. Right now there are two desirable locations. One is a drop-in center in Willow Creek, which I would take the bus to, and the other is RCAA's Multiple Assistance Center. I can get preferential treatment at the second because the directors/coordinators already know who I am. I strongly desire working with a family unit over working with individuals, and there's enough mental health "stuff" that I can segue into County Mental for my Master's year. 10 year plan baby, 10 year plan.

That's a lot of an update, but I'm glad to be back and doing it. Now I need to make some Bra Faerie phone calls.
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