February 18th, 2011

Exponential Pint

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Mel and Sydney’s eggs have started hatching! Matilda and Dundee! 4 more eggs left to hatch. I’ll be surprised if more than 4 owlets make it to adolescence.

A post over at Sociological Images about the origin of the modern, chewy and rotting zombie. It’s a well done post and plenty geeky for folks like me. If you don’t understand why zombie fic has taken over, then you may want to give this a read. Quite insightful.

I want to write about S. and her drama, but eh. I’ll leave that alone for now. I’m sure I’ll write and cut a letter sooner or later.

AND EEEEEEE I got two tickets to see Gogol Bordello in Arcata! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!