February 17th, 2011

coffee of life

Coming back

This, this is going to be a long semester. I need to get back the ability to focus on a task for more than 30 seconds without drifting off. I need to be able to write for long periods of time with effective focus. The more time I spend "entertained" by all manner of instant gratification things, the less time I am able to spend focused on whatever is pertinent and truly interesting. To make this easier on me, I'm going to severely reduce the amount of time I spend on facebook and increase the time I spend on livejournal. It's going to be a bumpy start; fuel line is clogged and the engine hardly turns over. However, I do believe I can manage.

While I do have some personal stuff I really ought to write about, I wanted to start the interview style. tough_doll  obliged me by asking five non-random questions that I can answer at length. If you like this idea, I'd very much enjoy it if you did the same.

1. Where do you live?

For at least the last 8 years, I have lived in Humboldt County, California. I prefer Eureka to Arcata, as so many around here seem to have a preference. I really do enjoy living here. It's strange and tiny and highly interactive.

2. Are you an active member of fatsionistas?

Not exactly active. I post occasionally, and they're usually very superficial posts (OOTDs and the like). I like the community for the range of bodytypes and fashion styles apparent. It's a sort of eye-candy for me.

3. Are the fatsionistas as mean to everyone as they were to me?

I honestly don't know. As I typically post superficial stuff, it doesn't invite people to share their loathing of one another. I don't usually read comments either, so I'm not sure. I expect that some of the comments for your post fell out due to personal issues. Something like the alcoholic who has just had the first epiphany at A.A. being very angry at people who insist on drinking. No one is their best self on the internet.

4. Are you stil doing social work?

I only just learned of a term that works better for how I began: "natural helper". I continue to work in the social work field and....

5. What did you study in college?

....am studying social work. I am in year one-of-three (if we cross our fingers tightly enough) towards my Master's Degree. BSWs are almost a dime a dozen; I need to stand out and I need the skills and education which will get me the opportunities and comfort I desire. I am currently on 19 units and trying not to cry whenever I look at my schedule. My cohort tell me that I am always very happy.


I'm going to make it my plan to update here AT LEAST once a week.  It may be disjointed and not at all clever, but it will do wonders for my poor, tired brainspace.  Feel free to suggest topics!