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What I've been trying to say.

There is no such thing as chance... finding this today, when I was not looking, was not chance.

I'm posting it here for two reasons.
The first is so you, my compatriots, may read it.
The second is because David's printer is refusing to use the black ink, so I can't print it here. I want to send a copy to my mother, with a giant red header that says "Read this; Apply it; Listen; Learn."

Take Care of Your Thoughts

What we need to understand in this world is that it is not only our deeds that can have a direct and beneficial or harmful effect on the world around us. Our thoughts are just as important. The problem is that since our thoughts are invisible to all except the person thinking them, we believe that thoughts have no effect.

At the first level we need to understand that our thoughts have a direct effect on ourselves. This is because our thoughts are actually being projected into the world around us and help to shape the world which we then experience. It is maybe hard to visualise but once you have understood the power of your thoughts then you will see how important it is to purify your thoughts.

This purification is important for 2 reasons:
1. As was mentioned in the chapter on forgiveness the thoughts that you have are actually chemical reactions inside your brain and these reactions are what create the chemicals which then travel around your body. Negative thoughts will simply produce harmful chemicals that ultimately have an effect on your physical body.
2. The thoughts that you have are also interacting with the world around you. At a much more subtle and invisible level the thoughts that you emanate will interact with the physical world and help bring about what is being created in your mind, i.e. what your thoughts are shaping. Thought-power is in fact immensely more powerful than most people will ever imagine.

Cause and Effect
Often we can see that people who have a positive outlook on life and manage to make the best out of the situations in which they find themselves are much happier than those who are constantly complaining about all aspects of their life. Of course, it would be very easy to turn the cause and effect around and explain this by saying that the positive people are positive because they are experiencing a positive life and the negative people have become so because fate has been less kind to them. This can be true but only up to a certain point. After a while it will be the negative or positive thoughts of the person that will be responsible for continuing the type of life that they experience.

The duration and intensity of the thoughts in question will determine how quickly and to what extent they become the reality of the thinker. Someone who is constantly negative in their thoughts, who only ever sees the negative side of things and who seldom has a positive comment to make will only ever experience the negative side of life. Their mind is shutting them off from seeing another side of life which is there for the taking, if only they could see it. If only they would make the effort to change the pattern of their thoughts.

Vicious Circle
What unfortunately happens is that this pattern turns into a vicious circle. Someone is first dealt a blow in life in terms of a certain misfortune. They then start to think in a negative way because of the difficulty in seeing this misfortune as a lesson in life. Instead of seeing a lesson they see it as an unfair turn of events. Something that they did not deserve. As time goes on this negative view of things will bring about another misfortune (due to the power of that person's thoughts) which will encourage the person to be even more negative with respect to their own life, thus bringing about even more misery. It is the projection of a person's negative thoughts that will bring about those negative events that they are always complaining about.

Often you will see that such a person becomes very cynical about the world in which he/she lives. This cynicism will give them a false sense of reality; they might be experiencing a greater amount of misfortune in life but at least they are able to better interpret the world around them. The reality, however, is somewhat different. The world has stayed exactly the same. The only difference is that they have darkened the filter through which they view it.

The tragedy here is that it is precisely this cynicism that will label any valuable and well-meant advice as totally naive. Any attempt to persuade them that all they need to do is start changing their thoughts will mostly be met by a cynical and contemptious sneer.

Scientifically unproven
From a scientific perspective, the words on this page are impossible to prove. That is why it is so important that you understand and feel the truth of what you are reading here. If you do not, nobody will prove them for you. Use your intuition to find this out.

If you understand and feel this truth then maybe you will have understood another important point: that all great truths in this life cannot be proven by our current scientific knowledge. Science and technology are predominantly concerned with explaining and controlling the physical world around us. They still have no idea of the world that is invisible to the electron microscope.

We can think of this in another way. If our scientific knowledge is so great, why is it still incapable of proving that the Creator exists?

"Take care of your thoughts
for they become words

Take care of your words
For they become your behaviour

Take care or your behaviour
For it becomes habit

Take care of your habits
For they become your character

Take care of your character
For it becomes your destiny"

- Talmud
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