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Went to Hospital, no change.

Yesterday I was due an operation, today I still have a gap where my new tooth should be.

We got up yesterday at 6am ready to be at the hospital for 7:30am, it was all dark and cold and I was still knackered and as I wasn't allowed food, vrey very hungary. We paid £6 for the privilage of parking in the hospital carpark, well there wasn't really much choice, and proceeded on our way to get into the hospotal and on the to the day ward on the first floor. So I queued with veryone else to go into the day ward trying to fight back the urge to run away and not look so petrified. I told the receptionist my name and she gave me a general sheet for details and a kinda booklet thing to fill out, so I went and me and Pooka and Mum sat down and I started to fill out my booklet, the booklet I had had already been filled out by someone else, so I went and told the receptionist this and she told me to "check that the details are correct" so I told her that the details weren't mine, so after giving me a confused look and checking the booklet against my detail sheet she gave me a new one to fill out, which I did.

I'm quite terrible at waiting for things, especially when you know it's not gonna be a nice thing, and kept on going to the toilet every 20 mins. I felt quite happy when I heard that everything is done on age order and starts with the younger ones, looking around I knew that meant that I shouldn't of had to wait that long. So we waited, Pooka kept nodding off and me kept on running to the loo, feeling myself getting more grumpier with the waiting as I was starving and needed sleep, watching other people being called to be spoken to before going onto the ward. Two hours later there was just me, another women, and two other people who looked like they were a bit late coming in, I was really fed up by this stage and still thought that they would get around to me at some point as I had filled in a sheet which had my name on it when I came in.

At 9:30am a woman came over and told me that I wasn't being operated on today, the specialist surgeon wants to operate on me personnally and won't be around until 16th January. WHAT? Apparently they sent me out a letter two weeks ago, which I have not recieved and she has been trying to ring me to tell me, I have an answer machine at home and there are no messages and no one has spoken to the hospital otherwise, I only mended the internat connection a while ago and thats not been plugged in much either. I told her that I didn't receive anything and she just kept saying that they sent a letter. She said asked of coming in on the 16th was ok, well what other choice do I have? Mum started moaning at her that this wasn't acceptable, three people's wages were being lost today and tommorrow, my Dad had to stay home to look after my sisters, and at this time of year we could do without it. All the woman could do was apolygise and say they sent a letter out, I suppose that that's all they could have done but there should have been something to say, like a note or something, on the sheet I filled out with my name on that I wasn't being operated on today. I am deeply annoyed with all I went through, and I know most of it was due to the bed mood I was in after having no food and feeling sleepy, but I should have been told earlier that it was not happening today. It took two hours for them to tell me. I can appreciate that they are very busy and stuff but this was ridiculus. Thankfully I wasn't being operated on in the afternoon as Dad could quickly go to work and Mum could arrange to go back today, but that's not really the point. I hate hospitals and it takes quite a lot for me to walk into one, so being treated like this doesn't make me feel much better. The woman said she would ring me today to confirm that I'll be in that day, so Pooka gave her my mobile number to make sure there was another way to contact me and I'm still waiting for that phonecall. There isn't much I can do though, it's not like she's given me a bunch of dates that I could choose when the surgeon would be in, she basically told me that I'm going in that day and she'll make sure I'm the first on in so I can be home by Midday, what does it matter if I'm first in or not, my Mum still has to take another 2 days of unpaid holiday off just to look after me. It's just so frustrating to know that I've been waiting for this operation for 8 months as it is and I can't continue my orthodontic treatment until I have this operation, it's all turning into a horrible nightmare and I'm dreading when I have to go back in.

I do ask myself why I put any faith into humanity and a thing called communication....