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Random Comments/To Get a Hold of Me

Just leave a message if you're wanting my attention - I rarely say anything in here any more - all I do is buy stuff now :P

Awake & in Shock

Gerard Way repeated the line "If we never play another show ever again keep yourself alive" over and over again until he, Toro, Frank, Mikey and Bob exited the stage.
-Gerard Way
Madison Square Garden, NYC 09/05/08

what the fuck!? that better have not been the last show . . . it was the most amazing performance I've seen, so far. The Black Parade is DEAD!


I got to meet Sarah Lewitinn a.k.a. UltraGrrrl! (twirls)

totally bummed

my ipod was lost or stolen, but I'm leaning more towards stolen as I treasure my music more then most things.

edit: 07/29/08 - my ipod was behind the freezer in the kitchen lol


my dad shot himself ... and died.


Johnny Knoxville! You know the one with the
glasses! Somewhat the leader of Jackass. Always
introducing you to the show and never passing a
chance to totally FuCK HimSeLF uP!

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I love these

and of course tons more are missing :)
dial up friendlyCollapse )

MUA Incident: fcirone1

update: she removed the negative token :)

I got negative feedback from this girl. She didn't even give me a chance to explain anything - gawd! She just jumped the gun and aimed and she went and started whining and crying all over MUA. First is the link to her message board on MUA, then the feedback and finally the correspondence. Can someone tell me if I was being rude?

FCirone1 RampageCollapse )


I want a bag - the medium black motorcycle bag haha :) although, I'd have to go to NY to buy one =\

the handbag

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