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2/10/05 10:36 am

im getting a cell phone and i need to kno which kind to get. cause i want good reception and a cheap price because my parents r making me pay. so which one out of these.




pleez help!!!!!!!

2/10/05 09:07 am

i have a an icon that i like but how do i use it in my lj. pleez help.

2/10/05 08:46 am - bored

this sucks. im stuck here at carpenter doin nothin. im soooo bored. when i get home i dosnt get any better because my parents r on my back all the time about homework. this break is geting long and boring.its almost like i want to go back to school.jk i would never want to go back to scool!!!!!! i cant wait till march cause im goin up to lake tahoe for seven day to snownboard. its goin to be awsome. and i get to miss the first day of because of the trip. my parents r so cruel they woundn't let me sleep over at hannahs house because they thought we would make out and stuff. they said "i trust u but i dont trust the other kids." thats a bunch of bull.

2/6/05 10:12 pm

i cant bleive the patriots won again. they have to stop winning. wat were the eagles thinking. they were so slow in the last few minutes in and out of the huddle. they have to LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2/3/05 12:57 pm

cmt to be added. btw this is jake f.

2/3/05 09:33 am

hey this is my new lj cmnt to be added

2/3/05 06:22 am - hair color

yesterday i went from blonde to black hair and i havn't yet decided to do it perminatly or not. i personally thought it looked good but ineed some advice.
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