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[holiday] cheer up emo monster!

Holiday spirit indeed!

(Actually "inexplicably woozy" is probably inaccurate, because I'm pretty sure the reason I'm woozy is because I totally took a three-hour nap today. Anyway!) If you'd like Christmas mail, please fill out the thing below. Nobody can see the answers except for me, but if you'd prefer to send me an e-mail instead, feel free!

Poll #875317 Christmas mail!

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I'm not making a new Christmas mix this year, but the one I made last year kind of rocks. Do you want a copy? Here's the tracklist.

Yes, please!
No, thanks!

Also, it's my mom's 43rd birthday soon, and I don't know what to get her. I got her a plant last year, and that felt pretty lame... because it was. (Seriously, 8-year-olds and their handmade "I LOVE YOU MOM!" ceramics have it so easy.) Any ideas?

I was sorting out my desktop a few minutes ago and came across some photos I took when I went to Duluth at the beginning of the month. They're pretty out of context now, but that's okay. Collapse )
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[art] lovely knees

See? This is what happens when you end up liking everybody.

So, Lollapalooza. I know I have only mentioned it about 3849712 times and you are all probably tired of me being all fsdl;jkfewald-ly EXCITED about it and everything, and I apologize for that. BUT LOLLAPALOOZA! In just a little over a week, Elly and I will be there seeing a lot of music and doing a lot of Chicago-y things (eating a lot of pizza! doing a lot of shopping!). I've kind of avoided looking at the festival schedule thus far because I'm terrible at making decisions, but now it's kind of unavoidable as the thing is fast approaching. There are a number of bands I know I am going to see for sure (Stars! Broken Social Scene!), but your opinion on the following dilemmas would be much appreciated. (This whole thing really is stupidly nerdy, and I do apologize profusely once more.)

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