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they've got tricycles in skirts

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fashionably on-time
15 September 1985
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I am Irma, in the Spanish way.

I have questionable taste in music and my syntax is terrible, but I always replace an empty roll of toilet paper with a fresh one and I never forget birthdays, so, you know, it probably evens out.

I like new friends (on and off the LJ!), so do say "hello" if you add me – my journal entries are mostly public, and they aren't as horribly "poetic" as my userinfo might have you believe – or come over to my place and I'll bake you oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. (I make really, really, awesome oatmeal chocolate cookies, you know.)


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"onetwothree!" in the car, "photography", a rather minimalist aesthetic, apple/mac fanaticsm, arts&crafts records (eargasms), artwork made for mixtapes, being totally awesome, black felt-tipped pens, brambang goreng on everything, christmas trees, chucks for every occasion, city lights and radiohead, devastatingly handsome boys, dinner parties, excessive semicolon usage;, gathering the setting sun, grapefruit juice, grocery aisles, hating on squirrels, having good bad habits, indie-pop afternoons/post-rock evenings, just-right lens flare, late summer gardens, low-key with one softbox, minneapolis/st. paul ♥, music with bleepy-bloopy bits, negative space, over-priced over-caffeinated beverages, phở and bánh mì, polaroiding, public art, raisins (ew never mind), scrabble, skinny boy shoulders, songs on shuffle (surprise), taking buses and trains, tambourines!, the indonesian countryside, the tendency to clean, the word "box", the young richard avedon, thunderstorms & umbrellas, wandering/exploring without particular aim, when thom plays piano

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