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Nein, auch im Winter, wenn es schneit.

This afternoon I was walking home from the train station, and I think I was thinking about chicken stew, and Christmas presents, and the girl who was listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs so loudly on the train that I could hear Karen O even though I was two seats behind her and listening to something completely different on my headphones, and tea, and that episode of The Office where Andy is singing the Kit Kat jingle but can't remember that it is in fact a jingle for the ubiquitous candy bar, and procuring an air mattress, when I thought: "I think I should probably take up blogging again."

It was probably during Thanksgiving this year when I noted to myself that I hardly ever take pictures for my own enjoyment anymore – it's always for a job – and I think the non-blogging and the non-taking-pictures-for-fun probably coincide with one another more than I realize. (Also, here are some pictures from Thanksgiving, because it relates to this paragraph.) Also it is back to being a WINTRY BLAST here in Chicago and having indoor activities other than cleaning my kitchen is a plus.

So yes. That is what I am doing.

Hello! It is good to see you!
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Also, "falafel" is a pretty awesome word in general.

So is blogging, and anything with "free" in it is pretty great when you are unemployed.

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In other news:

• My attention span is currently nonexistent, and despite the supposed brain stimulating benefits of doing the crossword puzzle on a daily basis, I find myself becoming increasingly distracted by such things as this small and somehow exasperating scratch on our coffee table, Dominic Monaghan's weird proportions, and a sudden craving for falafel. Mmm, falafel.

• It would be extremely magical if I somehow procured a Canon 5D. Mysterious benefactor? An early Christmas? Immaculate conception? Anything will do, I'm not especially picky. (Although admittedly, birthing a Canon 5D would likely be an exceptionally uncomfortable experience.)

• Lollapalooza is this weekend, and my goal is to refrain from passing out due to a.) Radiohead – my first and unabashed love, b.) heat exhaustion, and c.) the prospect of having to use a port-a-potty. Mostly I am pretty excited: Broken Social Scene, Wilco, Kanye West, and like 23423 other way awesome people, hooray!
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[art] lovely knees

I'm tryin' to blog.

Clark and Catalpa.

Chicago is now my home.
It's weird! Slash awesome.

I live in a pretty rad apartment in a pretty rad little neighborhood, with pretty much the raddest roommate of all. Currently we are both extremely broke, so we spend a lot of time sitting around with a crossword puzzle, a sudoku, and a bottle of five-dollar wine. (I also spend a lot of time cleaning, but this is neither new nor surprising behavior on my part.)

Clark and Forest.

In the week that I been here, I already miss a lot of random things about Minneapolis: the silhouette of the light rail train along the faux stained glass at the Lake Street Midtown station; my tea shop smell; the perpetually unreliable 21A. And I already have a lot of new favorites: my half-soy cold press from the coffee shop around the corner; the friendly, unassuming bell of the guy who pushes his ice cream cart down my street twice a day; the 12%, highest-in-the-nation sales tax. OH WAIT, just kidding about the last one.

My only apprehension is that I have yet to hear back from any one of the approximately 34809 jobs for which I have applied, so I am slightly antsy and restless about my current state of unemployment. I should probably remind myself to calm down – it has only been one week, after all, and I have a degree and experience to boot, so it should only be a matter of time before I hear back from somebody. I hope. In the meantime, I have questionable cooking experiments, the RedEye's daily double page, and frequent strolls along Clark Street to keep me occupied. Weird. Slash awesome.
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We can pretend that this is a much more interesting post, ok?

These are some photos from a job I shot last week, of a band who had me cover the "playing music" part of their music video shoot. I spent most of this afternoon editing (five gigabytes!) on my back patio, during which I impressively avoided calamity when I accidentally spilled an enormous glass of raspberry lemonade all over myself and the table on which I was working, but managed to miss both my computer and the pile of CF cards that was sitting mere inches away from the epicenter of the lemonade tidal wave that was unfolding horrifically in slow motion before my very eyes. (Seriously, I am entirely too clumsy to be granted clearance around anything that has the slightest chance of being damaged by my lack of basic motor skills.)

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Post an entry, indeed.

Well, dang. Somehow, it has gotten to be that transitional melting together of days between spring and summer, when the "Chilly Weather Mix" has outstayed its welcome, and when my head is never in one place for more than two minutes at a time. It has been a while (January, oh my!) since I have blogged!

My life has consisted of a combination of Fancy New Ventures™ and Plugging Away at the Same Ol'™ since the last time I rambled excessively on LiveJournal. A small summary of things that have consumed my time over the last five months:

    • surviving my final semester of school
    • my internship with Lee Stanford, fashion photographer
    • a fancy degree and graduation! (well, that was only one day, but you know.)
    • lots and lots of tea

It took me a week to recuperate after I finished school at the beginning of the month, but I have since basked in the pleasure of being homework-less, and have also experienced a moment of panic or three at the prospect of facing the future ahead of me. I should feel lucky, I suppose; I've already done two freelance photography jobs this month – one shooting a band during the production of their music video, and another doing portraits for a dancer – which is far more than I would have ever expected within the first month of graduating. I was (and still am) convinced that I am going to rely on my stellar phone-answering abilities and find a job at a stuffy office and be a stuffy receptionist for the rest of my life, which I guess would be kind of okay, because I can rock a knee-length business skirt and mid-height pumps pretty well, actually.

I won't worry about it too much for now, as I have another pretty exciting thing to focus on: I am moving to Chicago at the end of July, as aside from wanting to move to one of my favorite cities anyway, I got some random money to study with some arty farty people there. (I have just realized that this is only two months away, ah!)

Please say "hello" if you would like to! It has been so long since I've LJ-ed that I have forgotten who a lot of you are, and as a result will likely do a friends cut at some point (which I have never ever done before, because I have a ridiculous guilt complex), which will probably be lame because I'm pretty positive that you are a totally fabulous person anyway.
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Sorry, guys, but I can't front about the awesomeness of legwarmers.


Thank goodness for the ridiculous amount of tea in my cupboard, and also the fact that "American Gladiators" makes me way more excited than it really should. (Seriously, why have I been so engrossed with this show? I get all shouty and flail with excitement during THE ELIMINATOR, and I am pretty sure that Wolf is the most hilarious incredible thing on television right now. Ugh.)

Bullets, because paragraphs require entirely too much work:
  • Later this week I am meeting with a scary awesome photographer (Lee Stanford, oh my!) regarding the possibility of interning with him. I feel confident about my portfolio, but I'm still pretty nervous; I really want this internship, I know I'd learn asl;fkdsfsaljf A LOT from working with him. And also, what does one wear to an internship interview? AH.

  • I have been way into over-the-top soundtrack music composed of sweeping orchestral and choral arrangements lately. My inner band nerd is the most excited it has been for like, five years, probably.
  • The outstanding balance on my credit card right now is $0 (zero dollars!). With my summer travels, which were immediately followed by my slightly ridiculous school-related expenses, it's been like six months since I've seen a "zero" on my statement. I've gotta say, though: every time I walk through Neiman Marcus to get to the Nicollett Avenue train station, it's a struggle to control myself and keep walking as I pass by the Elizabeth & James spring collection.
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At least I managed to avoid saying "Tyra Banks" altogether.

My resolution to bake more is going rather well, I think; last week, I made:

• oatmeal cookies
• asparagus quiche
• cake! (the chocolate kind, of course)

It is a good thing that Jakob appreciates baked goods and also has the metabolism of, well, a Swede, as I am sure neither my dentist nor my digestive system would appreciate it if I tried to tackle that plethora of flour and sugar all by myself.

In other news, it somehow got to be the first day of spring semester yesterday (which, incidentally, is a total misnomer; the Twin Cities are generally in a tundra-like state from January until early March, as evidenced by this week's ghastly, face-eatingly cold temperatures and the need for half an hour of pre-exit mental preparation and approximately seventeen layers of clothing in order to set foot outside my front door), something I was completely ill-prepared for. Despite the frigid temperatures, I found myself sweating in my seat during my media business class, as I suddenly realized that I am, in fact, required to be studious and attentive, and that it would have probably been a good idea to put a notebook or two in my bag before I left my house that morning. (That evening, I immediately went to Target after my last class and spent a small fortune on pocket folders, paper clips, and divider tabs, which made me feel a lot better. I can't front: I love me some brand new office supplies.) However, nothing – not even $37 worth of pencil lead and loose leaf – says school is once again in session more than a bunch of photo kids having happy hour at the pub twenty minutes before the start of a 5:30 p.m. Monday evening class. It is terrible, I know.

Also terrible: how come, when my fashion photography instructor asked us who our favorite fashion photographers were, all I could think of was "Nigel Barker, noted fashion photographer"? Oh, Tyra Banks, you and your ridiculous(-ly awesome) reality television show have ruined me forever!
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[yum] martha stewart is probably proud

It's probably because of Andreas Viestad and his endearingly crooked teeth.

Even though it is nearing the end of January's first week, it wasn't until today that I wrote the first few appointments and other schedule-type things in my crisp new planner; during winter break I have adhered to a strict schedule of watching cooking shows on PBS and staying in my pajamas as much as possible, a routine that has not required me to keep a detailed datebook as there is no chance I would miss "New Scandinavian Cooking" anyway. Though I'm generally not one to make new year's resolutions, those fresh, clean pages in my calendar got me in a rather resolution-y mood:

to do in the coming year
• express gratitude more freely
• sit and stand with better posture
• repress the urge to make ridiculous impulse purchases
• bake more!
• take the time to do creative projects for myself (rather than only as they are assigned to me)

These are some pages from my 2007 datebook; I sort of loved it (NERD ALERT, I KNOW), and despite how my new one is exactly the same kind, I totally miss my old one already.

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[holiday] cheer up emo monster!

Update-u, update-u, update-u.

(Really, Beyoncé should change the name of that song, because she definitely says "upgrade ya", and not "upgrade u", as the title suggests. But anyway.)

Hello, LJ!

Last week, I received a bunch of lovely Christmas cards and things from you lovely people, which made me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy, as well as rather a bit guilty for not posting an update since the beginning of November (oh my!). So. A small life update follows:

    work things
    In November I started a new job at a super cute tea shop, which I am rather enjoying; it is mellow and laid-back, and my coworkers are all fabulous (and though I still find it 100% hilarious that Elly and I are coworkers, and that I refer to her as "Eleanor", which I have never done in all of our ten-year friendship, it is super nice that I get to see her more often). Also, all of the (hundreds of kinds of) tea I can drink during a shift? SO AWESOME.

    school things
    The last month of fall term seemed to drag out forever for me, probably because I finished my portfolios relatively early on in the semester (amazing!) and spent so much time tweaking each photo after the fact that I got totally sick of looking at them. Currently I am sorting through the multitude of CDs and DVDs (because I am 100% obsessive and back up all of my work like three times over), and as I go through it I am realizing that not all of it is so awful and sickening after all. (Speaking of obsessive, my "refreshing at ten minute intervals" routine paid off late last week when I was pleasantly surprised to see the right-hand column of my grades page displaying the letter "A" in each row. Hooray!)

    My schedule for next term is all kinds of awesome. I've only got class two days a week, leaving me ample time to get things done in the studio and whatnot. (Well, that is the theory, anyway.)

      9:00 am - 10:15 am: art history (modern to contemporary)
      1:40 pm - 4:30 pm: media business
      5:30 pm - 8:00 pm: fashion photography

      9:00 am - 10:15 am: art history (modern to contemporary)
      12:00 pm - 3:45 pm: portfolio development and presentation

    I am also taking an internship, for which the head of our department recommended a couple of photographers to contact, so I am currently putting together some self-promo pieces in preparation for meeting with them. Meeting with them would first, of course, involve me picking up the phone and calling them, which I am also currently gearing myself up to do. (Ah, scary!)

    life things
    The past couple of months' concentration of "life things" were heavily comprised of "school things" and "work things" (seriously: I spent so much time on campus that I finally quit bringing my essentials – my coffee mug and my toothbrush – back and forth with me every day and just left them in my locker box at the photo studio for easy access), so I am hard pressed to find anything significant that happened outside of those realms to tell you about. I got addicted to Facebook, and I discovered a totally amazing hand cream from the Lush store at Macy's, and I added approximately three new messenger bags to my already excessive collection. I can't stop listening to the Gotan Project, I have a newfound love for cranberry scones, and I am still incredibly outraged that Mel B. lost "Dancing with the Stars". Also, SPEAKING OF WHICH: I am going to Chicago in February, as Nathan and I are seeing the SPICE GIRLS there. (I AM RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS, it is unnatural.)

So, yes. I now face a curling iron and a fairly uncomfortable (but totally adorable) pair of flats in preparation for ringing in the new year, which I am looking forward to with excitement for all of the unknown and wonderful(-ly terrifying) things it will bring.

Happy New Year to you!
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A lot of little exclamation marks for the sake of one big "eee."

Last night I saw Stars! It wasn't until Elly and I sat down in our seats that we both realized we had both been to this theater before; in fact, we were at the same show about three years ago and didn't realize it. This is not surprising, as it wasn't the kind of show you'd brag to all your friends about having seen; we'll just say that three years ago, we both went and saw a, uh, "spectacular" evening with a guy whose name rhymes with Mavid Mopperfield.

But Stars! They were Collapse )
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