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Insight into Psyche's World

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Gaia's Artistry


December 2nd, 2004

Resistance is Futile

Hello everyone. I have created an account for myself to keep in touch with friends I haven't spoken to in several years. Not because I haven't wanted too ... just been a bit busy adjusting to new surroundings. So the short update for those of you whom I haven't spoken to in a while (events written in order):

Married a wonderful husband.

Moved to the East Coast ... I have access to tree's again!

Have moved at least twice now since I have been in this state and now I think I am someplace I will be comfortable staying for a while.

Mikita (for those of you who don't know is my beautiful, though loud, eldest four legged child) flew out East and did well.

Acquired a job working as a coordinator of a transitional living home for foster youth.

Had a weird congenital bone loss identified and now the dizzy spells, which I have been having for years, have worsen so for my sanity and the sanity of those around me I resigned from afore mentioned job and have become a full time house wife. Though occasionally doing odd writing jobs for previous boss.

Adopted Natasha last year, beautiful black lab/retriever who is very loving ... though still young (the light hasn't clicked on yet).

Set up an aquarium and have adopted 8 new fish: 3 female Beta's (Lavender, Violet, & Blue), 2 Black Mollies (Milk & Dark Chocolate), 3 Neon Tetras (Neon Triplets). I have recently been informed that we have a male and female Mollie .... and the fun just explodes when you try new things. Poor Milk is being chased all over by Dark. Will be going with hubby to the fish store tomorrow to hopefully to provide her some rest. I really wanted to be kept in the dark on that one but someone wants to make sure that I don't stay in denial ... I am sure there will be sequels to this small blurb that will amuse.

And I think that wraps it up. As I mentioned earlier I would love to keep in touch with those who I have missed chatting with on the various msging programs. And this seems to be the best forum to try and keep updated on many of you. Let me know if I can add you to my list so I can keep updated on your fun and provide amusement to you when ever possible.
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