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hope is for sissies

who needs it? I've got drugs.

the broken jaw of our lost kingdoms
12 January 1988
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blizzard, canada, chemistry, chicks, come together over me, djarum blacks, drawing, elliott smith, exploding glitter-riceball pidgeons, fags, fleeing my crazy mom, fucking lol jk, getting nintimate, good nucleophiles, heroin, int(2x*dx) (13 10), jd salinger, john eff kennedy, josh muthafuckin freese, karate kommandos, le malaise du moment, lemony kyo squares, lol @ liam, mallard mizer, manchester, math, metroid, morrissey, movies, northboy, not reading up beforehand, obstreperous dancing, one-man orgies, painting, pattony num-nums, raspberry reich, samus, sephiroth butter, señor reznor, silent hill, skinny buddha/fat buddha controversy, take the fake drugs, tattoos, the mediocre gatsby, the nuuuuuuuuuuge, the sexy sexy alex-babe, the smiths, toronto, turkish royals, university of toronto, video games, wangbang, warcraft, watercolors, world of warcraft, writing