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I want to start this latest entry by claiming I had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with Snivvelus' Severus turning blonde and his robes erupting sparkling silver sequins in Charms this morning. That being said, onto more important things.

Lily seems to be avoiding me lately. Are you? Or am I imagining things? I hope I am.

This weekend, last night Sirius and I invaded Three Broomsticks. We ended up drinking way too much ale butterbeer and Sirius got drunk a sugar rush. By the end of the night, he was singing Irish songs on top of the bar with three other people we have no idea of where we met them. Funny thing is. I don't think he has a stick of Irish in his body.

It was odd how good he was.

Remus. Are you still mad at me? I love you, really. Can I have a hug? I'll pet behind your ears.

I miss you.

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Remus. I love you. Dearly. Like my brother.

But the way you just got up, flounced around and stomped out the door was so very..

Remus. You just acted like such a girl.
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Sirius has SEEN IT! He has had himself a Divination prophecy! This weekend, the man will break his self-imposed torture and snog the nearest person he reaches within two drinks. Remind me to set at least one stool away from him on our next outing.

Lucius Malfoy would love to be between us. I can tell it. I see it in his beady eyes. He's lusting after you, Sirius. Better watch. You might end up exploding on the poncy snake.

Not that I wouldn't mind taking pictures of that to remember years from now. And use for blackmail should you ever come into a position of power.

Anyway. I am finding it more than amusing remembering the look on Sirius' face when he "saw the light". Christmas to a five year old child could never hold that much thrill.

Quidditch practise is going well. Very well. Must completely run Slytherin into the ground.

Will enjoy. Every. Last. Minute. Of. It.
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Weekend over. Oh. The tales to tell will take me too long to pen and staring at this contraption is only making my stomach go wishy-washy.

We survived. So did Lily's house. Her parents won't be any the wiser. You have to love magic when it is needed most.

I am worrying for Sirius. If he doesn't crack soon, his head is going to split open. I can see it in his eyes. The dogboy is about to start climbing walls.

I think I am so in love with Lily. But I am not sure if she knows the extent of it. I had to make sure I didn't get all nervous and starry-eyed in front of my companions. For they would never let me forget it. Think I failed a couple times.

No word yet if it was noticed.

I will sleep with one eye open.

Quidditch practise with a hang over. Bugger.
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My broom went into remission today.

Sirius charmed it to make it go faster yesterday. Ended up chasing it most of the afternoon. I sort of felt like a dog chasing after a frisbee that would never come back. He stopped it. He failed to inform me of it and I ended up falling on my face.

Today. I was woken up by it flying from where I keep it propped on the wall. It zipped back and forth across the dorms and ended up pegging someone in the back of the head. Nearly knocked them cold.

Sorry Longbottom.

By the time I caught it, I was late for potions. Not that it mattered, I planned on sleeping anyway.

Lily. A party this weekend at your parents? Oo. Count me in. I will refrain from going any further on what I was thinking, for grounds of self-incrimination.

Before I forget.

For the record.

Lucius Malfoy is a ponce.

I love you, Lily Evans.

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Lunch was perfect today. Except when Sirius found us out on the grounds and came up behind me, put me in a headlock. Then proceeded to give me a dozen or more noogies in front of Lily while grinning at her. I swear that he is nutters.

Got a few sidelong stares from Snape in Potions today. I wonder what I did now. I finished my homework and I think I did a good job on it. Enough that our grade won't be too bad so far. I think if looks could have killed, I'd be writing this from the hospital wing.

I'm so happy right now, I really don't care if there were a thousand Snapes giving me the evil black eyes. I finally got the courage to do what I wanted to for once when it comes to a girl and it worked out better than I ever could have hoped for. The world is too good at the moment. Nothing can ruin it.

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Off to Honeydukes and to share my news.

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It's got to be hormones. Sirius' are raging out of control, I think it's contagious. I was.. I noticed that Lily Evans doesn't look quite so squeaky this year. I say squeaky, because last year she had this tone to her voice. This .. squeak. I almost..almost..think she looks sort of pretty. In that Lily Evans kind of way.

Potions is going to be pure hell this year. The lessons look twice as difficult and I already do poorly in that class. I know if I could stay awake for most of it, I would do a little better. That would be possible if it weren't so boring. Why can't I take Transfiguration and Defense Against The Dark Arts only? Then my grades would be perfect. I can dream.

Got all new Quidditch robes yesterday. I finally had a growth spurt (shut up, Sirius) and outgrew my old ones. Thank goodness I noticed it before practise. If it were before a game, I'd be a little embarrassed.

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Sirius. Remus. You. Me. And the willow tree. Going to take a waaaalk. Who knows what we'll find, lurking for us there. Maybe nothing, maybe some..er..

Nevermind. Wasn't much of a songwriter last year and it look like I'm not going to be much of one this year either. I got good news. My parents sent me a new broom. A present for starting school. I am going to kick some major butt on the Quidditch Pitch this year. I can feel it. Practise starts in a month. Can't wait.

Since we don't have homework, you all feel like going out fr a little? Like the homework thing would stop us anyway?

I need some friendly advice. Sirius, that means I am going to talk to Remus about it and you keep quiet. Kidding.

First a Summer Story:

So there I was. That's the way all stories worth telling start out, right? There I was. Standing by my lonesome self while visiting my aunt Francine and uncle Paul. When I realized quite, out of accident or was it the hand of fate, that I was in the same town as one Lily Evans.

I decide to go pay her a visit and I walk down the dark street towards her house. A newspaper blew in front of me. Like a tumbleweed across the screen of a John Wayne movie. I saw her house in my sights.

Walking up towards it, I noticed a light on upstairs. Judging by the pink curtains, I thought it to be her room. I was right. Standing underneath the window, I had an epiphany. Why not climb up there and scare the living wits out of her?

My friends. If it were only that simple. For what I saw, I tell it to you know under a pair of trembling fingers at the mere thought of the memory.

There, bent over her dresser stood our Lily Evans. She was preparing for bed, I could tell by the robe she was wearing. Just as my fist was about to bang on the white wood of her window, I stopped short.

She turned around, unaware of the fact that I was there.

My insides began to SCREAM. It was not Lily. It's face was painted green, it had some sort of mask on. Lips jutting out a strange color of pink. The hair upon its head tight in what looked like some sort of weird science fiction rolls. Fingers held poised in the air as if they were going to claw daylights out of someone. The monster noticed me. A loud yell of "James!" coming out of he window. I was so scared that it was going to come after me that I fell out of the tree and though my ankle was sprained , I ran all the way back to my parents.

The End

At night, when it is dark and I think about it. It still makes me cry.
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Another year at Hogwarts. It's so good to be around Sirius, Remus and Peter again. I missed them over the summer. Even though I spent two weeks with Sirius and had Remus to my house for nearly a month. Circumstances as they are, he couldn't stay the whole time.

I have to finish getting settled in. We haven't even touched our trunks yet. Too busy catching up. If I am going to make it to classes tomorrow, I better at least lay out some clothes. This years schedule is wonderful. Potions first thing in the morning with Sirius. Defense Against The Dark Arts with Sirius and Remus. Lily Evans is going to be in that class as I overheard. Oh, we're going to torture that poor girl this year. Transfiguration with all three of us. Nice! Astronomy with Peter. Herbology with Remus. Muggle Studies with Sirius.

Oddly enough all my classes with Snape. Tell me how that happened? Are you playing a joke on me, Sirius? Tell me you are.

At least I'll have someone around to help me study. That boy is too scholarly for his own good. Needs to relax a little. Maybe we can help show him the light. I only hope it won't burn his skin too badly.

Enough rambling on this thing. Neat little idea this is. I'll devote more time to it later on. When I actually have the time.
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