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My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours
7 July
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My real name is Austine but all my friends just call me Aussie. I am 16 years old and will be 17 this summer and I can' wait!! I am 5'6'' and really short compared to EVERYONE but thats ok. I only weight 128lbs and I feel great! I have the prettiest eyes[well thats what my baby tells me] they are green and outlined in blue. I have dirty blonde hair that is down to the middle of my back with faded red highlights but I am dying it brunette really soon and I am so excited!! I am a huge sports fan and have been all my life! I love to watch basketball[Uconn Men], baseball[YANKEES ^_^ I'm a hardcore yankee fan!!], & football[Giants]. I am taken but its not just by anyone. Its by the man of my dreams, Nicholas. We have been together over a year and my life is never boring. Everyday is more and more amazing with him and I am so lucky to have him. My journal is FRIENDS ONLY so comment to be added. Don't add me to make your friends list longer. Don't add me if we don't have anything in common. Comment on this entry!

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Nicholas is 21 years old and is a manager for Verizon Wireless. He is 6'3'' and 190lbs and he is alll MUSCLE!! *drools* He is the most amazing guy I have ever met. He treats me the way I should be treated and always protects me. He is very protective of me and our dog. We have been together for over a year and its been the most amazing year. I love him and would do anything and everything for him. March 20,2004 ♥

My boyfriend & I have been together since March 20,2004 and it has been the best day of my life. That was acually my nieces 3rd birthday and I find that really cool. ^_^ Nick & I would do anything and everything for each other. Our love is true and pure and ever lasting. Our love for each other grows more and more as each day passes by. He is the only guy who has ever treated me right or acually cared about me & I am the girl who has treated him the way he deserves to be treated. We have a special bond that people my age normally don't find so earlier in life & I am truely blessed to have him because I would be so lost without him. He is my world, my ♥, my soul, my other half, he completes me in every way possible. We both look forward to marriage & a family later on in life but for now we are going enjoy our time together now. I love you my Rubber Duckie always & forever!!!! ♥ 03*20*04 ♥



You know how I truely feel for you and how happy you make me. My life would never be the same if you hadn't come into it but I am so glad that you did. Remember "Gina who?" Haha! You were so cute! I fell for ya the first day I saw you. Matt warned you that I like bad boys and look where we are today. Almost a year later and our love is just getting stronger. I love the time we spend together and I love how we can do anything and its always fun. You have helped me in some difficult times of my life and no one has been there for me like that. When my grandma died she left a void in my life and soul and heart but when you came into my life you filled part of that void and if my grandma was alive today she would be so happy for us. ^_^ No one is as perfect as you are in my eyes. My love for you will continue to grow no matter what my crazy ass mother says. You are my world and you will be my world until the day I die and longer. I can't wait for our beautiful wedding. I know you would want your uncle there but at least your aunt will be there. You mean more to me than anything in this world and I can't wait til our lives really begin. I love you baby boy. Never ever EVER forget that.

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