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just light the match and run

8 October
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so heres some random stuff about me...

1. My names Jessica, im 15, and live in alabama.
2. I hate labeling people, or being labeled as anything.
3. I HATE annoying people who think their better than everyone else.
4. I love the color pink and black.
5. My favorite band is hawthorne heights.
6. I could care less of what people think about me.
7. I have a cat (callie), a rabbit (daisy), and a fish (nemo).
8. Im on the john carroll high school volleyball team.
9. Im lazy, i hate running.
10. I hate liars, posers, people who are fake, and any other kind of annoying human being.
11. Im a catholic, and have a strong faith in God.
12. Music and friends are my life.
13. I love taking pictures.
14. I love going to the beach, it's my favorite place.
15. I'm one of those people you can come to for advice on ALMOST anything.
16. I hate seafood and mexican food.

dont bother adding me if you see we have absolutely nothing in common. If we do have stuff in common and want to add me, go ahead but add me FIRST, and i'll add you back =)