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I Am A:girl
Likes:boys, football, volleyball, basketball, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, shopping, being random
Dislikes:seafood, posers, fake people, liars, users, etc.
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There's a loneliness inside her And she'd do anything to fill it in
And though it's red blood bleeding from her now
It feels like cold blue ice in her heart
When all the colors mix together - to grey
And it breaks her heart
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January 25th, 2006
this week has so far has been goin really good.

christina and me are cool now.
christian asked me out.
& im happier than i have been in a long time.
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January 20th, 2006
today was one of the worst days of my life.

i cried, i bitched, and i yelled.

and the thing is, i dont know which of the four people to be mad at?
this whole thing with him is stupid and driving my crazy.
he likes me or he doesnt, end of story.
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January 7th, 2006
i went to the doctor yesterday and got some x-rays.
i've cracked..well actually erika cracked a bone in my foot when she smacked me with the hockey stick.
now im wearing this stupid shoe to keep my foot level or whatever.

oh yeah, next time you want to start a rumor about me, try telling people not to tell me who you are because every person came up to me and told me YOU said it...and you know who you are.

thank you.
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December 30th, 2005
im not really going to miss 2005 like everyone else says they are.
in the past year i had my heart broken, I found out the kind of person my "best friend" truly was, I fought with my parents about 398573499898345175 times this year, and i was told alot of stuff about m birth parents that truly affected my life and how I will never know who my real father is...so really 2005 sucked.

the bright side...i can drive, one person has had a major effect on my life in a positive way, and I realized who my true friends are. so goodbye 2005.
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December 26th, 2005
i had a great christmas...probably the best one yet.
i hope you all had a good one!

these are the things i got for christmas...
-one tree hill seasons 1 and 2
-diamond ring
-auburn stuff
-credit card & gift cards
-some purses

what did you all get?
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December 21st, 2005
alright, so im back.

i have blonde hair now, and its going to take some getting used to.
i will most likely have a picture up of it tomorrow.

the last couple of days have been pure hell at my house. this is counting day 4 that my mother and I are not talking. It's actually been great, I dont have to put up with her shit. I refuse to talk to her, i hate her so much. Im seriously gonna find my real mom and move out...

Exams are over, and its officailly the first day of christmas break. im excited. Im staying home for christmas this year.

I'm really sore because I had volleyball yeseterday for like the first time in a month.

yeah, so ill have pictures up tomorrow.
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December 12th, 2005
alright, im going on hiatus until probably monday.
ill be back, so dont unadd me!
exams are coming up and i really need to study.
i love you all! ♥
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December 8th, 2005
this week has gone by so fast...i cant believe it.
being sick, exams coming up, failing algebra, and everything else is hard to take in all at once. Im getting stressed out, i hate school. i say we all boycott school, who's with me?

oh yeah, did i mention my dad is thinking about moving us back to where he used to live. and i dont want to. i dont want to leave my friends and everything I've ever known. i hope we dont move.
look at the pictures, can you put two and two together?

can it get any worse?Collapse )
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December 6th, 2005
im home sick today :(
and my friend text me and said the guy i've liked for like 3 months was gonna ask me out today...this days just getting better and better.

comment with anything...
random things about you
what you want for christmas
ANYTHING...cheer me up ♥

dear paris, i miss you. ♥jessicaCollapse )
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December 4th, 2005
what do you do when your best friend of 11 years tells lies about you?
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November 26th, 2005
definition of the perfect guyCollapse )
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November 24th, 2005
You make me remember things I want to forget
Things that bring me to a near death sweat
Everytime I look into your eyes
By anger on what use to be there begin to rise
I can no longer look at you straight
Now that I know I was never your soul mate

Your omnipresence haunts me still
The nightmares of us form against my will
You were a person that I thought was real
A person who knew that my heart must heal
But you took my love and never gave back
Leading me to conclude your personality an ebony black

I wish I can take back every star I wished on you
I want to get over the fact that you and me are through
Replacing every petal that I ripped off that flower
Wanting to wash away those days in the shower
I'm so sick of remembering the past
Remembering the things that I knew wouldn't last

I don't want to remember how much fun we had
Because now that it has ended it is just too sad
But were the fun times ever true
Were we ever a pair or just individual twos
The ending of this story brakes the plot
That you must have already forgot

Let me cut away the memories of you
Now that I remember the things you did were never true
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November 22nd, 2005
chicagoCollapse )
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