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your all i've ever wanted... [Sunday
[ mood | exhausted ]

yeah i dont like this thing anymore but im bored so yeah anyway.. friday went to alysas's house and we watched boogeyman gooood movie. then at around 6:30 we went over to paul's casa for andrews birthday party. haha it was pretty fun me cate and tara went out on a boat thing and the stearing wasnt working so paul swam out and went with us. then me and cate found this coool ride thingy omg it was soo fun then someone broke it =( so yeah we all chilled and what not they set off some fireworks which was pretty funny. pretty much everyone left then me and alyssa left at about 12:30. went back to her house and crashed at about 2 downstairs then woke up at 5 and went in her room then woke up at 12 or so. my mom picked me up and i went over to my cousins house for his birthday then alyssa picked me up and we went over pauls but then we all left pauls and me alyssa paul and mike went back to my house at about 3 lol it was fun paul had a little fight with my dog haha it was so funny. they left at about 9:30? and me and alyssa went to the park for a while then came back to my house and yeahhh im reallly tired so im out. peace kiddos.

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[ mood | crappy ]

ah man what a week. thank god its almost over. today wasnt that great at all. quiz in history then did absolutely nothing in spanish. i had to go take a test for math instead of going to sre so hopefully i pass the damn class. lunch was boring. math wasnt because i have mariel in there!! i didnt go to gym cause my mom picked me up around 12 or so. came home and finished my report then tar-uh came overr twas fun =) ahhh yeah well this weekend should be goood. hopefully? i dunno. one more thing... i hate you gawd fuck you.


happy birthday erin<3


my eyes burn from these tears.. [Wednesday
[ mood | worried ]

alright, its happening again. and i'll just ask my self over and over where exactly did i go wrong? its pathetic i know but i cant help it. i dont know why im going back to this... god just kill me. please.


betcha didnt know [Tuesday
[ mood | tired ]

ahh this was a great weekend besides almost getting caught... yeah to much happend i dont feel like typing. school is finally almost over thank god. i NEED summer to come.. NOW


hello i love you wont you tell me your name? [Monday
[ mood | bored ]

uhh lets see... friday school came home waited for cate to get here then walked up to brothers with her to get some pizza and then went to kristinas. we watched donnie darko lmao that movie was kinda funny. i left at about 9 and came home and just packed some stuff then went to bed. woke up at like 5 something and left to go to the school, at about 7 we left for hershey park got there and performed pretty much right away... got back to the buses got changed then went into the park. twas a fun day.  storm runner= love. we got first at the award thingy. i dont know how we managed that in a few hours but hey woohoo. we didnt get home till 1 cause the freaking bus drivers HAD to stop. whatever that wasnt that great of a bus ride home and i was exhausted when i got back to alyssa's me, jay and alyssa fell asleep around 2 something idk. but woke up at 1 and went to alyssa's band practice or some ish and me and alyssa just left for about an hour and a half or so. then finally left fo real and went to taco bell haha yeah that was funny. P FOR SIKEEE! lmfao.  yeah anyway came home and did nothing... today sucks we got out at 1 and now im bored out of my mind... oh well.

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wont you think im pretty when im standing top the bright lit city? [Sunday
[ mood | tired ]

can we say greaaaat weekend? well yeah friday was school but it was a half day so it wasn't bad at all. so after school me and travi's went over to cate's, got a call from lauren so we went over to her house and she showed us her prom stuff then went over to the trogdons to see april who was getting her hair done...then went back to cate's for a bit and then went to alexa's and chilled with karl, cate, ebony, tar-uh, court, and travis and had a great night only i started feeling sick so i went home at like 9:30 with cate. got home.. talked on the phone with a few people then went to bed. woke up around 1 and got ready called alexa and she came over went over to travis's then to the park and we got hungry so we went to new china and met alyssa there.. about 10 minuets later andrew and mike showed up so we walked around with them for a while then me and alyssa and alexa went to my house chilled by the pool for a while then went inside and started watching wicker park but that was being retarded so we just stopped and started to go to sleep but then alyssa had to pee so she peed out of my window lmao. it was so funny. finally fell asleep then we woke up today got ready and ish and walked everywhere came back got some pizza then they left and now im tired as helll so im off to bed... later kiddos.

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