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Poke that badger
1 October 1982

Go Dogs Go!!

Hmm, what to say. I originally started this LJ so that I could posting some communities that I was lurking around, because I had another journal on a different site. But this one is fast becoming my favorite.

I'm 23, and currently living in a gorgeous little house with a good friend of mine, and it's awesome! Fandoms I'm involved in include Lost, LotR, Dominic Monaghan, Green Day, The Beatles and Alberni Valley Bulldogs JrA Hockey.

Thats all for now!

P.S. My wonderful Daily Show mood theme is made by euterpeslullaby, my pinkelephants_ banner is made by galor5, and all brushes and textures used on any icons I make are from all the emensely talented people in the 100x100_brushes and icon_textures communities!

The Beatles Are Love

Eyeliner Is Love

Lennon/McCartney is Love!
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