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I'm singing this note cause it fits in well with the chords I'm playing... [entries|friends|calendar]




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Pimp Yo Bitch Day [ Saturday
24/06/06 @ 11:46 pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Okay. So, Evan and I are really big dorks. A few months ago we were talking about all of the holidays that exist and we were saying how there should be a holiday made for boyfriends and girlfriends. So, we created our own. We made Pimp Yo Bitch Day and Pimp Yo Man day. On those days, the opposite person does something special for the other one. We put Pimp Yo Bitch Day on June 24 and Pimp Yo Man on June 25. Our one year anniversary is June 26. So that way we could have 3 special days in a row. We're big dorks.

So, even though it was all sort of just a joke, we both marked the days in our calenders on our phones. Well, just now I get a call from Evan saying he's at the park by my house and for me to meet him up there. I go up there and he was holding his hands behind his back. I didn't really notice (since I just thought he was stopping by to talk) and we were talking for a while and I said I was cold. So, out of nowhere he pulls a shirt from behind his back and says "Oh, you can where this!". It was a plain white shirt that has "I GOT PIMPED 6-24-06" on it. I laughed. It was so out of nowhere and so cute. Then, he pulls out a CD: Kelly Clarkson, which I said I wanted forever ago and I guess he remembered. It was really funny. It was really cute though. It's silly stuff like that that some people would just say "wow, how dumb.." but it's silly stuff like that that just makes me smile knowing that he was thinking of me.

Our "1 year" is Monday and I've bought/made some stuff for him. He told me he's taking me out all day. I have NO CLUE where to. But, he says we're going to various places. He has this way of always surprising me. I know it will be an amazing day.

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AP is over! [ Friday
5/05/06 @ 9:22 pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well today was the big AP exam. Last night I studied with Andy and I think that helped. This morning I woke up at like 6:45, picked up Andy and we got there kind of early, so we went over some stuff real quick. The test wasn't as bad as I had expected. Well, actually, the test was as hard as I had expected, but I was more prepared than I had expected, and the whole ordeal wasn't as overwhelming as I had expected. I think I got a 2 though. I did okay on the multiple choice, I knew quite a few for sure, but I also didn't know quite a few. If I came across one that I wasn't sure of, but could narrow it down to 2 answers, I guessed. But, the ones that I didn't even have a clue what they were talking about, I just skipped. I'm so glad I'm pretty much done with that class. All we have left is a final and that's sometime next week. There's nothing else to learn though, since we went through everything, so no more notes! So, that's pretty sweet.

After the exam, Andy, Crystal, and I walked around the DCMST building for a little bit because Crystal had to get her missing assignments. Then, my mom picked me and Andy up and took us out to eat. Then, we just went and chilled at his house until I had to leave for soccer at like 4.

We won our soccer game 9-1. It was fun.

Overall, today was a pretty good day.


Spring Break...eh.. [ Wednesday
19/04/06 @ 8:10 pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

My break has been weird so far. Some days have been good, some bad. I've been with Evan for most of it, which has been fun, but I don't know. We've done alot of fun things like going to the drive-in and to the Death Cab For Cutie concert, but today he mentioned that he missed his friends alot. I guess he's right, we both kind of need to hang out with our friends more. It just sucks because he has alot of friends that live right by him that are always free to hang out. All of my friends live way on the other side of the city, and I don't drive and either do they. And it seems like even when someone can hang out, shit just gets screwed up, like I get ditched or something. I don't really have many options, or at least I feel like I don't. I attempt to hang out with people, especially my old friends who I really miss, but it feels like no one wants to hang out.

I've been trying to get Sydney to hang out FOREVER and she won't. She's just too busy with Josh and it sucks so bad. I miss both Hannah and Sydney. But, at least I see and talk to Hannah at school. I never even talk to Syd anymore. I try, I really do, but it just seems like she doesn't care as much as I do. And it sucks. I miss the girl. She hasn't spent the night since the summer. She used to practically live at my house. The past few times we've hung out within the last like 9 months I've gone to her house and it was either me, her, and Josh, or me and her and our boyfriends. Which is fun most of the time, but I miss hanging out with just her and talking and stuff. I've invited her over 230958450968 times and it never works..I dont know what else to do. She was supposed to spend the night the night before the Death Cab concert, but it didn't work out and now she's supposed to spend the night tomorrow night, but who knows what'll happen.

Tonight, Evan's going out with his friends and Erica and Hannah are supposed to spend the night. If all works out, it should be fun. I miss Hannah spending the night like crazy, so it should be cool. I think I really just need to hang out with friends other then my boyfriend right now. I mean, he's such a great guy, he really is. He's one of my best friends in the world and I tell him everything and I know I can trust him with anything. He can always make me smile and feel better and he's always there to talk to, but right now, I just need a girl to talk to and hang out with.

Wow..I haven't made an update this long in a while. I guess I just needed to let this all out somewhere. Well, hopefully tonight should be good. Peacenlove<3

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I haven't updated in forever so.. [ Thursday
13/04/06 @ 1:00 pm]
[ mood | content ]

Alot has happened but I can't remember much. Lately I've hung out with Evan and Andy alot. They're fun guys.

I really liked V for Vendetta..we went and saw it twice, once with Samir and once with Andy and Nevin.

Soccer's been good so far. Sometimes it's alot of fun, but sometimes I hate it. It's definitely not as fun as last year. We've won all of our games so far. And we've only had 1 goal scored against us and we've scored 21 goals in 5 games. So, we're really doing good. We had a game last night, we won 7-0 and I scored. I'm also one of the captains but I kind of don't even want to be anymore, because I'm a captain with 3 other freshmen that are all friends and I'm kind of left out. I think he should have just made the 3 sophomores captains but, oh well.

I finally saw Sydney last weekend. I've been trying to hang out with her for so long but she's alway too busy. I really miss her. I hadn't even seen her in like over a month. So, her and Josh came with Evan and I to the movies. We saw Benchwarmers...it was funny.

Hannah and I really need to hang out. Now.

Spring break starts today. It's so weird to think about Spring Break of last year. So much happened. I know I was with Hannah like the entire time. We had alot of "firsts" haha. And spring break is when I met Evan so thats weird to think about.

well...thats all i can think of. I'll try to update more. peace n love.


[ Saturday
25/02/06 @ 2:08 pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

So the past few days haven't been too bad...

Yesterday me and my mom went to Sec. of State and I picked up my permit. Then, my mom, sister, brother, and Evan and I went to my grandma's and then to Olive Garden. Then, last night Evan had a basktball game. So, Crystal and I went to Angeles' house at like 5 and went to the game from there. The game was fun. We met up with Melissa and Jenny. Afterwards, Evan's mom took us all to Starbucks and we saw Aaron and Susie there :)
Then, we walked to Little Cafe for a bit and then everyone had to go.
Last night Evan's mom asked if we'd help work at a Soup Kitchen this morning for a few hours and we agreed. So at like 9 this morning she picked us up and we went and worked there until like 1 (FRANCEY PANTS WAS THERE!). It was pretty eye opening, seeing all of the homeless people...it really made us appreciative of what we had (we picked up McDonalds breakfast on the way there lol). But, we had fun. Anddd..they just dropped me off here because Evan had to go to Nevin's for like an hour, so I'm supposed to be showering and getting ready but instead I'm sitting on the computer lol.

I'm really really really x03498609487 glad that we have this week off, even though I'm not going to end up doing anything really exciting. Whatever, anything is better than school.

Okay, well I guess that's about it..so I'm out.


[ Thursday
16/02/06 @ 8:20 pm]
[ mood | sad ]

He's just too busy.
I know he's not too blame.
It just sucks..alot.
I need to not get so lonely so easily.


An actual update! [ Saturday
11/02/06 @ 11:39 pm]
[ mood | content ]

I decided to make a real update..

Yesterday was fun. We went to Buddy's and got some pizzzzza..it was good. Of course, Crystal's lover was there lol.
This morning, Evan and I sat around until he had to go up to Michigan State. We had to baby sit Jessica anyways. Sydney babysits one of her mom's clients son and daughter, and today she had to baby sit them from 5pm to 11pm so she asked me to do it with her. So, at like 4:30 they picked me up and we went and sat on some babies for like 6 hours. It wasn't too bad. The boy is 6, but he has a very rare disorder and he's really low functioning. He was really cute though. And the girl is 3, she was really cute too. It was an easy job; the kids were good and we got a decent amount of money. It was fun hanging out with Sydney...we hadn't hung out in FOREVER. I miss that girl like crazy.

Tomorrow I have an indoor game. I really don't feel like getting up and going in the morning, but I know I should go, so I'll have to force myself.

I have ALOT of homework, since I'm not tired at all right now, I think I'll do some tonight, since I know I won't want to do anything tomorrow. Fuck school.

Alright, well I guess that's it...so I'm out.



Please don't take my sunshine away.. [ Wednesday
8/02/06 @ 10:00 pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I wish I could just freeze time sometimes.
I wish I could hold on to some moments forever.

I miss you.

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[ Saturday
28/01/06 @ 7:27 pm]
Evan is taking a poop in my bathroom right now and I can hear him singing Johnny Cash while on the toilet.
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=D [ Saturday
28/01/06 @ 11:09 am]
[ mood | happy ]

Last night was amazing. I can't even remember the last time I was able to say that..I haven't had that much fun in a loooong time.

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