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The Chrismukkah Dialogue Fic challenge

Title: Chrismukkah
Author: Phil
Beta: radiotardislive
Word count: 1291
Summary: Matthew’s (as in the boy who Ryan offered to help at the end of the final) first Chrismukkah with the Cohens. Contains some fluff :)
Authors Note: This is for the “Chrismukkah Dialogue Fic challenge” started by mel39 I’m sorry this is so much later than Mel asked for us to try and have our stories written by. Unfortunately family issues arose and I haven’t really been in the Christmassy mood this year. However I’ve been in a ficcy mood lately and so decided to just go for it before next Christmas happens.

Thanks Mel, for organising the challenge.

Happy belated Chrismukkah everyone :D

I had cheekymice’s line: “Christmas was never like this for me”

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