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Okay so this is for Brandy's challenge.

Title: Running never...
Author: Philippa Muir
Rating: PG-13

“Running never helps anybody. You have to face up to your problems” The words swirled around Sandy’s head. They were his words. How many times did he have to say them to Ryan to make him understand?

The chair he was sitting on was uncomfortable. Kirsten sat beside him with her face in her hands. It had been three months since Ryan had disappeared and now they’d lost him it was very likely they’d lose him again but he couldn’t think that way.

The call had arrived hours ago and the police officer had said that there had been an accident and they should get there as soon as possible. A boy was involved that met Ryan’s description.

Sandy sighed he didn’t even know what had made Ryan run away. Ryan had seemed happy enough to him. Seth had come into the kitchen in a panic because Ryan wasn’t in the pool house and Sandy hadn’t thought anything about it. He just thought Ryan had gone out or something.

When Ryan didn’t come home that evening he had assumed that Ryan was spending the night at Marissa’s house and he had started preparing a lecture but when Marissa had called the day after wanting to know why Ryan stood her up, Sandy started to worry.

Now all this time later and he still hadn’t seen those blue eyes. He didn’t even know whether this injured child was Ryan but they had to sit and wait.

The family had been waiting ages and Seth had gone to the bathroom twenty minutes ago and was yet to return.

The family wouldn’t be able to function without Ryan. After three months they had already started to fall apart. But what if it was Ryan and he didn’t get through this? But Sandy couldn’t think about that. Ryan was strong he could make it through anything.

They sat in silence and another hour passed and Seth came back. His eyes were red and puffy. He sat away from his parents and adopted the same position his mother held.

By the time the doctor came, Sandy was frantic with worry. He walked practically on Doctor Wallace’s - or whatever his name was- heels the whole way to his office. Kirsten walked behind slower and she had her arm around Seth who no longer hid his tears as they glided down his face.

The family minus one sat opposite the doctor with fearful eyes. Kirsten began shaking when the doctor took off his glasses and sighed. Sandy stared at him with wide eyes and the doctor began to speak.

The doctor said that he really thought the boy was Ryan as he had scars that matched those in his medical file. The Cohen’s looked at each other not knowing whether to be relieved or upset.

He showed them a picture of a pale boy’s face with bruises and cuts on his face. Sandy knew that it was Ryan and he nodded at the doctor.

The doctor began to explain that Ryan was in a critical condition but he wasn’t dead. However he flat lined during surgery and they only just managed to resuscitate him.

Sandy felt more lines join the words that were circling around his head “Running never helps anyone you have to face up to your problems… Ryan flat lined during surgery.”

He swiped a shaking hand over his face and tried not to freak out when the doctors gave the chances that Ryan would survive the night.

Sandy felt the doctor put a hand on his shoulder.

“We’ll do the best that we can.” Sometime during the conversation a nurse must have come in but Sandy hadn’t realised she was standing next to Doctor Wallant- or whatever- until she offered to take them to see Ryan.

The whole way she explained about all the tubes and monitors that were around Ryan at that time. Sandy switched off he just wanted to see his son.

Only one person was allowed into Ryan’s room at one time so he could rest. Sandy was forced to wait outside whilst Kirsten went in. The ICU waiting room was plain and nurses milled around with grim faces. The nurse who had led them there had gone in with Kirsten. Seth had been told that he couldn’t see Ryan until tomorrow at the earliest. He had run off in the direction of the bathroom. Sandy couldn’t leave his post outside of the room though as much as he wanted to comfort his son.

It took a while for Kirsten to come out of the room but when she did the makeup which was once perfectly in place was now smudged all over her face.

“It’s Ryan…” She whispered and Sandy gave her a quick hug before the nurse let him in. He looked into the room and was shocked at what he saw. Monitors beeped and whirred all around his son. Tubes crawled under the sheets that kept him warm.

Bruises marred Ryan’s entire face and his arm was in a sling. A bandage was situated on his neck and blood was already seeping through it. Sandy cringed at the sight.

The arm that wasn’t in a sling was bruised and swollen. He looked like one of those teenagers off ER that Kirsten sometimes forced him to watch. But this was real.

He wished he’s paid more attention to Ryan and then he may have known that Ryan was unhappy. He blamed himself. He still didn't understand why Ryan had run away.

He sat down on a chair next to Ryan’s head and reached out for his hand. His hand was cut and Sandy wanted to track down the driver that had just left Ryan on the roadside for doing this to his son.

There was hardly anywhere on Ryan that didn’t have a scratch or a bruise and Sandy had never seen anyone like this before in real life.

The following day, Ryan seemed to be holding his own and the parents were allowed in at the same time.

Seth sat at home with the phone in his hand which his parents had promised to call every hour to report on Ryan. Seth still wasn’t allowed to see Ryan as he may have been holding his own but he wasn’t doing as well as the doctor was hoping. Ryan was oblivious to it all in a medicated coma "so his body could heal" the doctor's said.

Sandy and Kirsten sat together and spoke quietly to Ryan. They told him that Seth was waiting till he was a little better to visit.

Nurses came and went and each time Sandy felt a little wave of panic when they came back earlier and earlier.

Sandy wished that Ryan had just listened to him. He whispered the words over in his head “Running never helps anyone”

The last hour was the worst. Sandy would never forget the sight through the glass sliding door of Ryan’s body jumping from the electric shocks to his heart or the sound of the doctor’s voice saying that he had failed.

The End

I hope that was okay. Thanks for giving me something to do and I'm sorry it's a little late.
Tags: fanfic 100, running never, runnning never

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