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This is for The OC Slash qoute challenge thingy.

My qoute was "You know you could always do worse; For instance you could be old and working in the post office." Said by Adrienne E. Gusoff.

Title: You could always do worse.
Author: Philippa J. Muir
Disclaimer: I do not own the OC, Fox does.
Pairing: Ryan/Seth

You could always do worse

Seth snuggled between Ryan’s arm and body and sighed. His curly black hair tickling Ryan’s neck.

“That was… amazing.” He panted smiling. Ryan nodded and held him tighter kissing the top of his head.

“I know.” He murmured. “Maybe we should clean up a li…”

He was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Hey Seth, You in there?” A voice sailed through the crack in the only thing between Sandy and Ryan and Seth who were very much naked together in sheets covered in semen.

“Shit!” Seth cursed jumping up and he started pacing round the room. Sandy knocked again and Seth threw a t-shirt at Ryan and pulled one on himself as well. Hurriedly he grabbed his boxers and slid them over his still rather moist ass and panicked over the bulge.

He then threw on some pants and gestured to Ryan to do the same.

When he had finished he opened the door slowly and peered around at his father.

“That took a while.” Sandy stated and Seth felt himself going red.

“Well, uhh you see uhh…” Seth stammered trying to think up an excuse. Fortunately he didn’t have too as Sandy interrupted him.

“Can I come in? I want to talk to you about something.” Seth threw himself out of and in front of the door. Keeping his hands discreetly over the bulge in his pants.

“Sure, uhh what do you wan to talk about?” Seth asked looking at his dad innocently. Sandy looked at him confused.

“Can we talk about this inside your room?” He asked and side stepped Seth.

Shit! His dad seemed to know something was happening on the other side of the door and he looked determined to know what it was.

“It’s about you and Ryan.” Sandy started as Seth again attempted to barricade the entrance to his bedroom. When he said this, Seth froze and Sandy took advantage by steering past and opening the door.

Seth shut his eyes waiting for the inevitable.

“Ryan?” Sandy asked turning round to face Seth.

Slowly Seth allowed his eyes to open and he willed his body to turn. It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be. Ryan was standing sheepishly by the bed (fully clothed) so he breathed a sigh of relief.

It wasn’t until he looked closer that he noticed Ryan’s t-shirt was on the wrong way round, his hair was ruffled and it was obvious Ryan had dressed in a hurry.

Seth cringed at the sight of the new love bites that he’d performed up Ryan’s neck on display.

Sandy cleared his throat snapping Seth back to reality.

“What is going on here?”

“Uh… well… uhh… ooh Ryan had a busy night last night with the ladies…” He started nodding.

Sandy turned back to Ryan and Seth mouthed “I’m sorry” to Ryan who was bright red and looking anywhere but at Sandy.

“In your room?” Sandy asked and Seth could tell that his dad wasn’t buying it.

“Umm… well you see he didn’t do it in here… he came up to report afterwards.” Again when Sandy turned he mouthed “sorry” to the now beetroot teen by the bed.

“Well this is actually what I wanted to talk about…” Sandy began.

“Ryan’s sexual behaviour?” Seth asked making Ryan’s head snap up and Sandy looked at him frowning.

“No… well I guess sort of… lately Kirsten and I have noticed some sparks between you two… Now I apologise if we have it wrong but please tell me the truth…”

Sandy looked at his two sons, one standing by the bed completely red and the other he could see searching his brain for an excuse. Finally he heard a small “yes” from the bed.

He looked at Ryan startled. “What did you say?”

Ryan looked past him at Seth who was watching his every movement with his mouth wide open. “Yes… uhh... we’ve been hooking up… but umm… I really do love your son and I understand if you don’t want us to be together… but uhh… but I can’t be here and not be with Seth… so I can go… if you want that is…” Ryan broke off when he realised he was rambling.

He saw Sandy looking at him speechless and Seth looking at him almost adoringly,

“If you make Ryan leave, then I’ll go too. We love each other.” Seth spoke quietly earning a smile from Ryan.

“Ok no ones leaving. However we do need to talk about this. I think Kirsten needs to be there as well.” At his mother’s name Seth gulped and paled. “Come down in 15 minutes okay? We’ll talk about this as a family. Clean up a little as well.” Sandy grinned at the last part and looked pointedly at Ryan.

He left the room and Ryan looked down frowning and realized what he meant when he saw the crumpled clothes and back to front t-shirt.

“Fuck.” Seth breathed and Ryan burst out laughing. “We’re so screwed.” Seth joined in with the laughing and moved over to Ryan. “You could have put your clothes on properly” He snorted.

He pulled at the t-shirt and yanked it over Ryan’s head. Before he put it back on Ryan the right way round he leaned in and nibbled Ryan’s nipple. Ryan sighed and leaned into the touch.

“I’d better get this top on you before my mom comes in.” This set them off laughing again.

“Continue later though?” Ryan asked hopefully. He kissed Seth before getting up and pulling the top over his toned chest. Seth tried to distract himself from the urge to jump on Ryan and kissing him up his back right there and then by pulling the sheets off his bed and he mumbled something about washing them themselves. Ryan nodded and straightened out his jeans.


Sandy raced down the stairs. Jesus, his sons were having sex. Was that even legal? He catapulted in to Kirsten. “How did it go?” She asked.

“We were right. I gave them 15 minutes and then we’re going to talk about it together.” Kirsten nodded although she was shocked they’d actually admitted it she’d expected it for a while.

As promised 15 minutes after Sandy had left Seth’s room, two very red and nervous teenagers were heard coming down the stairs.

Seth clung on to Ryan’s hand and tried to stay behind him the whole way down. They could see Sandy and Kirsten whispering together on the sofa in the living room. Ryan squeezed Seth’s hand tighter comfortingly and they entered the danger zone.

Kirsten’s eyes fell to their hands clamped together. She felt herself soften a little. She could tell they really loved each other.

They sat down on the sofa next to the watchful parents. Then family were quiet for a while until Sandy broke the silence.

“So… How long has this been going on?” Seth looked at Ryan who looked like he was working it out in his head.

“Since about last July, soon after Trey was shot.” Ryan answered.

Kirsten’s head shot up. “This has been going on for almost a year?” She whispered to herself unbelieving. “What about Summer, Marissa, Sadie?” She asked her tone getting higher with each name. She wasn’t able to believe she’d been that blind for the past year.

“We were just friends with them and you assumed we were more.” Seth stated. It was true they had been.

“Look we’re sorry we didn’t tell you… but we’re gay. It’s nice, I love Seth. No ones ever made me feel so alive before.” Ryan said looking at Sandy and Kirsten. Seth beamed happily.

“And… I love Ryan too.” He added looking at Ryan who smiled back at him.

“Well, I don’t have a strong objection to it. If you broke up though it may be difficult.” He looked at them thoughtfully. “But you know you could always do worse you could be old and work in the post office.”

“What?” Seth asked and snorted.

“Noting it’s just something some person said.” A smile crept onto Ryan’s face. Sometimes Sandy reminded him so much of Seth with the random comments that come from nowhere.

“I’m okay with it too. But no sex in the house.” Kirsten warned them. The two nodded ducking their heads.

“You can go” Sandy said and Ryan and Seth jumped up and made for the pool house leaving Sandy and Kirsten sitting on the sofa shocked.

When they reached it they sat on the bed and Ryan put his arm around Seth.
“You know they never said we couldn’t have sex in the pool house.” Ryan cajoled.

“Ooh I like the way you think.”

The End

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